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With AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR available on DVD, crazy theories about what’s in store for AVENGERS 4 are resurfacing. It’s anybody’s guess what’s coming next, but some predictions are a little bit more creative than others.

1. Shuri Can Cure Death

Vision is one of the many heroes we see die in INFINITY WAR, but he wasn’t in the exact same state as the other heroes. Aside from the having the Mind Stone literally inside him, Shuri was working on repairing his brain damage right before he joined the Battle of Wakanda. Instead of dying by Thanos’ snap, the Mad Titan killed him personally. Based on these details, the theory goes that Shuri saved a copy of Vision somehow and will resurrect him in the upcoming movie.

crazy theories
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This theory seems to be a direct defiance of Thanos’s proclamation, “No resurrections this time,” which would fit with Shuri’s attitude. What Gen Z kid doesn’t love a little rebellion? I know I do. On top of her personality, there’s Shuri’s brain. She’s the smartest character in MCU, so this isn’t the most impossible idea of all the crazy theories.

However, it’s an extremely creative guess. No matter how superior your intellect and technology may be, resurrection is hard for anyone to do. She didn’t seem to have much time to repair the damage done to Vision, let alone save a copy of him.

2. The Hulk Lowkey Isn’t The Hulk

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had its share of fake deaths. If you were to make it into a list, Loki would already be on it twice. This comes as a shock to no one, knowing that he’s the God of Mischief, among plenty of other titles. Pair this fact with the lack of how much we saw the Hulk, and a new theory is born; Loki is obviously disguised as Bruce Banner.

This theory actually serves as an answer to a couple of questions. It could explain why Bruce struggles to transform throughout so much of the movie. Perhaps Loki hadn’t mastered that part of his illusion yet. Additionally, maybe this is why Bruce can suddenly remember things from when he was the Hulk, something he was unable to do before.

Compared to others, this isn’t the wildest of the crazy theories out there. I applaud the people who came up with the theory for their imagination and cleverness, but this doesn’t explain where the real Bruce is. Instead of being an illusion, it may just be that the Hulk is tired of being Banner’s plaything whenever he needs to fight.

The theory is fun, but it doesn’t stand up with the facts.

3. Loki Isn’t The Only One Undercover

What if Hawkeye is a Skrull? You know, one of those shapeshifting aliens that have taken the form of superheroes before? While you may not have thought about them, there are plenty of people out there who have. This theory may have the least grounding; it’s just based on Hawkeye’s lack of screen time and the fact that the Skrull will play a part in CAPTAIN MARVEL’S film adaption.

It would definitely be an epic plot twist, but that’s exactly the theory’s downfall. With everything else going on, it would probably stick out to most of the audience. Not to mention, it would distract them from the main story. Even if the Skrull will be involved inCAPTAIN MARVEL’S movie, it’s no guarantee AVENGERS 4 will use them anyway. Not only is this theory unrealistic, it would be a poor character choice, no matter how… uh, intriguing it would be.

4. Tony Stark, The Next Supreme?

With Doctor Strange (temporarily) out of the picture, the role of Sorcerer Supreme needs filling. According to this next theory, Tony Stark steps up to the plate in AVENGERS 4. As outlandish as it may seem, this has actually already happened in the comics. Pair that fact with a photo of Robert Downey Jr. in the Cloak of Levitation on set, and voila, a new fan theory joins this list of crazy theories.

Tony Stark and Doctor Strange hardly got along throughout most of this movie. Even if Peter Parker affected him internally, he’s still the same stubborn billionaire. It doesn’t seem likely he would go through the efforts of being the next Sorcerer Supreme just because he saw how effective magic can be with Doctor Strange around. Though, Doctor Strange started out the same way. We can’t know for sure, but I’m chalking the theory up to goofing around on set.

5. Reality Is Unrealistic

A strange but not totally unlikely theory is the involvement of another universe. At the end of  Ant-Man and the Wasp, we see Scott Lang trapped inside the Quantum Realm, which is essentially a micro-alternate reality. There’s also all of Doctor Strange’s abilities. Multiple times throughout his solo film, we see evidence of different realities and universes. And of course, Spider-Man’s comics frequently delve into a multiverse with nearly hundreds of different Spider-Men.

crazy theories
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

This could mean all sorts of different things, depending on how you interpret the theory. Maybe no one actually died, and they’re trapped in a different universe. Maybe only Thanos can only be beaten in an alternate reality. This theory has a lot of potential, and personally, it’s the one I’m betting one. It makes more sense than a lot of the ones above.

Keep Your Crazy Theories

With every great movie series, there are all sorts of guesses as to what will happen next. Even though I’m doubtful of most of the ones mentioned, it would make for a memorable movie if Bruce Banner was actually Loki. Some theories simply stick out more than others, and usually, the weirder they are, the more exciting they are to consider.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, nobody actually died and Captain Marvel will probably save the day. I didn’t need the Internet to know that. I wanna see how Tony Stark ditches his suit for a cape, or if Thanos was really just doing all of this for Hela. Whatever your predictions are, don’t let anyone shoot them down. No one knows what will happen in the next hour, let alone the next AVENGERS movie.

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