The AVENGERS #19 preview takes a unique approach to THE WAR OF THE REALMS. Instead of focusing on the Avengers battling Frost Giants in Manhattan, the preview below checks up on Gorilla-Man and Ka-Zar. Apparently, Ka-Zar and Gorilla-Man plan to save the world together. But will they succeed?

Find out for yourself! Check out AVENGERS #19 in stores next week!


Avengers 19 Cover


Published by: May 22, 2019

Written by: Jason Aaron

Art by: Ed McGuinness

Cover by: Ed McGuinness

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A WAR OF THE REALMS TIE-IN! Avengers Mountain is under siege as the last stronghold of Earth’s heroes is the subject of an all-out assault by the forces of Malekith!

AVENGERS #19 Preview Image Gallery

Avengers 19 Preview
Images Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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