HAWKMAN #5 centers around Hawkman and the Atom, teaming up once again, just like old times. As always, the visuals are dynamic and amazing. Although the storyline is becoming repetitive, HAWKMAN #5 is a decent issue worth checking out.
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The dynamic duo is back together again! No, I’m not talking about Batman and Robin. In HAWKMAN #5, Carter reunites with his longtime ally, Ray Palmer, also known as the Atom. Written by Robert Venditti, the Atom helps Hawkman understand the logic behind his countless incarnations. With amazing visuals by Bryan Hitch, Hawkman continues to travel across strange new worlds to uncover the weapon that will defeat the Deathbringers. Featuring the team-up of the century, HAWKMAN #5 is worth checking out!

Welcome to the Microverse

Reunited and it feels so good indeed. In the Microverse, an entire subatomic universe, the Atom and Hawkman are back together again. By the way, the first page of HAWKMAN #5 should be on a Hallmark card. What a touching moment between buddies. After all the hugging and pleasantries, Carter Hall shows his friend the artifact he found on Thanagar. According to the Atom, this item is originally from the Microverse, which means there must have been an incarnation of Hawkman from there.

HAWKMAN #5 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Atom breaks down Hall’s situation in a, slightly boring, lecture on how time and space work. He explains how Carter’s many incarnations from the past, present, and future all exist at the same time. They also discover a supply of Nth metal, the gravity-defying material, hidden in the Microverse. On to our next destination; Moz-Ga, a sentient planet possessed by the spirit of a dead wizard. I couldn’t make this up even if I tried. Although the planet appears to be a wasteland, this magical being is still able to bring huge wood and rock monsters to life in order to protect the precious Nth metal. Now Hawkman and the Atom have to face off against the whole world. Literally.

Will the superhero duo be able to defeat Moz-Ga? Can they find this all-powerful weapon before the Deathbringers from the prophecy arrive? We’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out!

A Justice League Reunion

Hawkman and the Atom have had a long-standing friendship over the years. Since way back in the 1960’s, with comics like ATOM AND HAWKMAN #39. It’s great to see these two heroes together once again. Finally, Hawkman has someone in his corner.

You really see their close bond in HAWKMAN #5. When Hall feels defeated and confused about his lost memories, Palmer is right there to support him, encouraging him to continue on his quest for answers. It’s refreshing to see superheroes connect on a human level. When they arrive in Moz-Ga, they fight alongside one another, just like in their Justice League days.

HAWKMAN #5 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

A Stale Story?

As exciting as it was to see the Atom and Hawkman team up again, there were still some dull points. HAWKMAN #5 falls into the same cycle as previous issues. This plotline is becoming repetitive. Our hero is transported to a new world, then he fights an imposing foe, just to find another clue to the mystery of his life. Yes, the inclusion of the Atom does shake things up a little, but not by much. Despite being a strong series, let’s hope future issues break this repetitive formula.

Speaking of the Atom, his lecture on how Hawkman exists in multiple timelines was a bit boring and unnecessary; felt like I was back in school. Some of the information explained repeats what the reader already knows. On the other hand, Palmer does theorize how Hall is able to connect with different timelines, so that’s somewhat interesting.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #5

All in all, HAWKMAN #5 is a decent issue. As always, the artwork by Bryan Hitch is dynamic and vibrant. The amazing visuals create such expansive worlds, like the Microverse and Moz-Ga. You’ll feel as though you’re also being transported to another realm. The facial features on the characters are so expressive and lifelike. Unfortunately, the formulaic storyline is becoming a detriment to the overall plot, and even to the characters. Feels like Hawkman is trapped in a loop, with not much chance for any real development. Despite the story’s lackluster points, Hawkman and the Atom teaming up once again is just plain awesome. Seeing their partnership really does make this issue worth reading.


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