Your weekly ARROWVERSE update is ready! This week, Kate reconnects with her long-lost sister on BATWOMAN, martian brother fights brother on SUPERGIRL, the Pierce family continues to have metahuman struggles on BLACK LIGHTING, while both Barry and Oliver come to grips with the inevitable CRISIS.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!


BATWOMAN, the newest addition to the ARROWVERSE, is wasting no time sharing big reveals. We’ve only seen two episodes, and already Kate learns that Alice is her long-lost sister Beth. The entire second episode has to do with this discovery, with Kate trying to convince her father before he sends the crows to kill Alice/Beth. Kate is able to do enough to just get Alice arrested instead. However, the prison truck is hit with a bomb in mid-transit to Arkham, and the truck goes off a bridge and into the water below. Kate saves her sister from drowning, but they are separated underwater. Alice is still on the loose, and it looks like she now knows that Kate is Batwoman, sending her a box with a bat within.

Image from the CW.

Also, Luke Fox determines to help Kate with her escapades in Bruce’s suit, despite his better judgement. He also ends up saving her life. It looks like Kate and Luke are starting to get a rhythm where Luke will start being Kate’s “guy in the chair” in earnest.

Next week BATWOMAN looks to feature Alice taunting Kate with her identity. It also looks like the next episode will deal with the city’s perception of Kate, whom they still think is a returned Batman. Will this be the episode where Kate dons the red wig, distinguishing herself as Batwoman? We’ll have to see next week on ARROWVERSE.


Relationships are at the center of this week’s SUPERGIRL. Alex is trying to make her relationship with James’ sister Kelly work, but realizes there are some things they need to learn. Like not giving her blueberries because allergies, which you’d think would be a first romance priority. On the other hand, Brainy is showering Nia with so much food that she becomes overwhelmed by the number of bento boxes at work.

But onto the main plot. J’onn’s evil brother Ma’alefa’ak (Malefic to make it easier) has resurfaced. The only problem is that J’onn doesn’t remember having a brother. Apparently his memory of Malefic was erased- the gravest of Martian sins- yet their previous encounter confirms a sibling bond due to an old Martian curse.

Image from the CW.

Kelly attempts to investigate his memories using Q-waves, uncovering missing portions of J’onn’s brain. They reveal Malefic aided the White Martians during the Martian Civil War, ensuring their species’ extinction. He was sent to the Phantom Zone as punishment but hints to  J’onn that more intel is at play.

SUPERGIRL: Innovative New Tech or Sinister Science?

Back at Catco, Kara is not enjoying having Andrea as a boss. She’s forced to writer underwhelming puff pieces and, after leaving the office for some Supergirl business, William hands in her story. Kara is not pleased with this and calls him out, but it turns out he works in a soup kitchen. So William can’t be all bad.

The biggest personal development comes from Lena, who reveals herself as Eve’s kidnapper. Eve tries to warn her about Leviathan’s presence but Lena, understandably, doesn’t trust her. She forces Eve to admit that all her betrayals were due to liking the power of it all, which seems to mend wounds.

Except not. Lena’s using her AI Hope as a basis for ensuring humans can’t hurt or betray one another. That’s her scientifically misguided attempt to make the world a better place. And she takes the next step by…. Injecting Hope into Eve’s body. Ok Lena… that’s some THE 100 City of Light-level thinking. Not sure I like where this is going.

Oh, and James might run for the Senate, which will explain the actor’s departure.


So maybe Agent Odell wasn’t lying about the invading Markovian forces after all. One of BLACK LIGHTNING’s surprise reveals is a group of soldiers training in a secretmountain base within Freeland. So there’s some reason to keep the A.S.A. online. Some. They’re still acting like fascists, even trying to control the city’s media broadcasts to quell opposition.

Following last week’s events, we’re seeing more of the toll this “protection” has had on metahumans. Jefferson might have developed lightning X-Ray vision, but another detainee, a young woman named Maryam, is flailing in health. Dealing with internal pain and hair loss, the Pierces try to help her. Lynn by being a doctor and Jefferson by teaching her how to use powers.

Image from the CW.

Unfortunately this creates a rift between the couple. Lynn is dedicating herself to the Hippocrates Oath to protect as many meta teens as possible. But it means letting Odell train them to become weapons, much like the reveal of a revived, and likely brainwashed, Khalil, now going by Painkiller. Meanwhile Jefferson suspects a conspiracy at play due to the government… acting like shady immoral bureaucrats. He’s not wrong, but neither are the A.S.A.’s fears unwarranted.

On the sidelines, Anissa/Blackbird is hiding the escaped metahumans in the Perdi community, much to their concern. Lala has taken control of The 100 gang due to his immortality. Chief Henderson is helping Gambi retrieve a device on A.S.A. agents to help track Anissa’s location. Khalil received an assassination mission- kill his mom- and sadly performs it. And Jennifer, living the normal (somehow) life, has to cover for Anissa’s absence while dealing with escalating conflicts at school. God only knows how CRISIS breaks up BLACK LIGHTNING’s warzone narrative.


This week’s episode of THE FLASH sees Barry and Iris reeling from the knowledge that Barry will die in the upcoming Crisis. Wanting a second opinion, Barry tries running into the future, the day after the Crisis, to figure out what happens. Unfortunately, he is unable to break through a wall of antimatter, which prevents him from getting there.

He goes to see Jay Garrick, the retired Flash of Earth-3, an expert of antimatter. Using Jay’s helmet, Barry tries to send his mind into the future, and it terrifies him. He sees an infinite number of possible futures, and yet they all end with millions dying in the ARROWVERSE if he doesn’t sacrifice his life. Knowing this, it looks like Barry and Iris will begin to prepare for what’s coming this December.

Image from the CW.

Meanwhile, D.A Cecile Horton determines to be a public defender for metahumans, after realizing how much more of a difference she could make. Also, Killer Frost starts to live a life of her own, experiencing art and expression for the first time.

Next week on THE FLASH will see Team Flash fighting a giant rage monster. Also, the synopsis says that Barry will begin to prepare a member of Team Flash for a world without the Flash…It’s hard to think about, and while I think a certain green clad is a more likely candidate to give their life, Barry Allen’s days could be numbered as well.


Man. The final season of ARROW. The very foundation of the ARROWVERSE. What better way to kick off the final season by a look back at the very first episode. Or a least an altered one. Oliver travels to Earth-2 at the request of the Monitor. On this Earth, Oliver never returns from Lian-Yu (where we see Batman’s mask on the arrow instead of Slade’s!?). Our Oliver assumes the identity of the late Oliver. Returning home, he finds his mother alive, as well as Malcolm Merlyn. Tommy is alive as well. He meets up with Laurel Lance from Earth-2, who we’re familiar with. She’s teamed up with Earth-3’s Hood, Adrian Chase (trained by Batman maybe?!). Laurel wants to know what he’s doing on her Earth. Apparently, The Monitor needs the dwarf star alloy specific to this Earth.

Image from the CW.

Our John Diggle finds Oliver on this Earth and helps Oliver, regardless of whether Oliver wants him to or not. Together, they discover that Earth-3’s Dark Archer is actually Tommy Merlyn! He’s using the dwarf star alloy to begin his own undertaking, Oliver manages to talk Tommy down, and later on obtains the alloy for the monitor. However, a wave of red antimatter blows through, wiping out the entirety of Earth-2. Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel barely manage to escape to Earth-1 before the entire world is destroyed. The Crisis is coming, Earth by Earth, and just like Barry, Oliver is ready to die to protect those that he loves.

2040 Flashforwards and Katana Next Week!

Meanwhile, the episode is intercut by flash forwards to the children of Team Arrow in 2040 fighting the Deathstroke Gang. Connor has issues fighting his brother J.J (the gang’s leader) so Mia determines that the team is going to start doing things her way.

Next week on ARROW should be really cool based on the episode promo. Laurel will most likely be reeling from the shock of her entire Earth having been destroyed, while they’ll also be looking for someone the Monitor needs. They’ll also reunite with Katana! Dang, the ARROWVERSE is already ramping up for some incredible stuff ahead of CRISIS!


By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman


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