Here’s your ARROWVERSE weekly update for 10/26! BATWOMAN takes on Tommy Elliot, Sean Astin on SUPERGIRL, Tobias Whale struggles on BLACK LIGHTNING, THE FLASH fights a dark matter zombie, and ARROW returns to Hong Kong! Read on for more!

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By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman


Finally, after three episodes BATWOMAN finally has Kate Kane put on the red wing costume. It makes sense when you think about it. For two episodes she’s been posing as Batman and embodying something that means a lot to Gotham, but isn’t really her. Kate needs to be something more, and we get that as the stakes with Alice/Beth begin to heat up. Unfortunately for Kate and Luke Fox, things aren’t looking good. A railgun was stolen from Wayne Enterprises, built specifically to pierce Bruce’s batsuit should he become evil or whatnot. The suspect, and eventual culprit: Tommy Ellis (i.e. Hush), who’s hosting a gala for the Crows. He’s a standard top 1% rich asshole, but also a dark mirror to Kate’s relationship with Bruce. Both grew up with him, but Kate respected Bruce while Tommy resented how he got the family fortune.

Image from the CW.

Origin Is Now Complete

Anyone familiar with Hush’s backstory knows what he did so I won’t reiterate it. Of course the bigger threat is still Alice. She’s hell-bent on getting revenge against dear old dad for deeming her dead and will likely kill anyone to get there. And plan A: (Batman scare tactics), hasn’t worked. But one coincidence too many has left Jacob Kane concerned for the first time that Alice is who Kate claims she is. What this means for the Kane family is unclear, especially given Catherine’s unknown reason for covering evidence.

Also, I really enjoyed the Mary/Sophie dynamic this week. With Sophie placed as her bodyguard, Mary’s forced to juggle her own set of dual identities: partying Gotham socialite and underground medical doctor. And she doesn’t flat out tell Tyler that Sophie and Kate were a thing, which he seems utterly clueless about. Still, concern for the two is warranted, as Alice’s possessive feelings for Kate means she sees the two as threats.

So Kate’s finally donned her batsuit and even has a date in bartender Reagan. With that part of the origin covered, let’s hope there’s more action next week for ARROWVERSE’s BATWOMAN.


Secrets are kept and revealed on this week’s SUPERGIRL. And both have dramatic implications on the story arcs our characters will face this season. This is especially true for Lena, who needs to collect some of Lex’s notebooks for her “remove mankind of betrayal feelings” plan. She gets them by manipulating her “friend” Kara into getting them from federal lockup. This secret is bound to get out before the midseason finale and you know Kara will be crushed.

Image from the CW.

Meanwhile J’onn’s attempts to locate Malefic in his lost memories reveals some tragic results. Turns out Malefic could not mindlink with the Martian collective and was ostracized and bullied. But his mental vengeance against tormenters lead to their father Myr’nn locking J’onn’s brother up. This leads to Malefic joining forces with the White Martians and Myr’nn, in a moment of grief, mind-wiped his son from the hivemind, an action on par with murder. But while J’onn originally blames his dad for this, Nia discovers more truths through her dream powers.

It turns out it was J’onn and not his father who cast the mindwipe in order to cure Myr’nn of his grief. He swears Nia to secrecy on this, but the eventual reveal will likely strain his relationship with Kara and Alex.

Leviathan Coming Soon?

The villain of the week, a spider woman named Caroline O’Connor- wasn’t that interesting. However, she’s mysteriously killed by an unknown assailant, possibly Leviathan. It’s possible, given her colleague William’s knowledge of O’Connor’s victim but unwillingness to press the story. Also he accepts an envelope from someone.

Eventually Malefic regains his abilities by shapeshifting into one of Kelly’s military friends played by Sean Astin. But a side effect of this is Kelly being able to spot what forms he shape-shifts into, making her a threat to him. As a result, she and James leave town for a bit. Oh, and Brainy’s hurt that Nia doesn’t like him trying so hard to be romantic. Also, Lena learns that Lex’s Q-Wave solution requires mind control- and of course nothing bad could come from that down the line.


Agent Odell really is a gender-flipped Amanda Waller in BLACK LIGHTNING, yet somehow even colder. Regardless of his “greater good” approach, Odell is constantly manipulating people to do his dirty work and give the A.S.A. an advantage. There are Markovians at his door, so he’ll have Team Lightning take them out. Well, the Pierce family and a somehow revived Khalil, now going by Painkiller. With a virus presumably invented by Dr. Jace targeting Freeland’s metahumans, this poses a serious threat to everyone. So Odell tasks Jefferson and Jennifer with taking out the source. To gain favor with them, Odell gives Jefferson a cool watch that creates a supersuit when he gives it a “charge.”

Image from the CW.

Is Tobias Scared of the Briefcase?

Jennifer, on the other hand, hears that the Markovians are responsible for killing Khalil’s mom and agrees to vengeance-bomb one of their facilities. The only person Odell can’t seem to sway in BLACK LIGHTING (surprise surprise) is Tobias Whale. Despite rapidly aging due to his lack of super serum, Tobias refuses to disclose the contents of the mysterious A.S.A. briefcase. He even endures some really painful boil-inducing U.V. radiation lights. And while the torture is somewhat cathartic (Tobias has been a sadistic threat for two seasons), you have to wonder if he’s afraid. Whatever is in that briefcase, even Mr. Whale doesn’t want to see out on the streets. 

“Agent Odell’s Pipe-Dream” feels like a conclusion to this season’s first mini-arc. Freeland’s still under military occupation but at least the Pierce parents are free to go. However, there’s no free-time to hang out, amusingly. Jennifer has school, Lynn has to look after the meta-teens and Anissa is dating Grace again. Total Dad luck for Jefferson. Oh and Tobias still wants to desperately kill Black Lightning. There’s that.


This week on THE FLASH sees Barry and Iris break the news to the rest of Team Flash that Barry is most likely going to die instead of disappear in the coming CRISIS. Cisco and Ralph immediately start trying to come up with solutions to keep Barry alive, but it’s Frost who especially has a hard time with the news. She doesn’t want to die when she’s starting to have a life of her own. As a result, Barry takes Frost along on his investigation, hoping to train her and prepare her for the time after he supposedly dies. An ARROWVERSE without Barry Allen seems grim, but it could happen…

Image from the CW.

Their investigation into a monstrous zombie meta leads them to Dr. Ramsey Rosso (Sendhil Ramamurthy), whose been experimenting with dark matter and blood in order to cure his ALH, the same disease that killed his mother. Unknown to Barry and Frost, Rosso is the man responsible for the creation of this dark matter zombie. When Rosso tries to steal samples of the dark matter for his research, Barry catches him. They argue about fighting for one’s life despite risks. Ramsey surmises that Barry is going to die, and asks him why he won’t fight. Barry counters by saying that it’s perhaps braver to come to peace with what’s going to happen in order to protect and be with those he loves.

A New Harrison Wells

Also in this episode, we see Iris and Cisco meet the newest Harrison Wells: Harrison “Nash” Wells. Having the persona of a mystical artifact hunter akin to a high-tech Indiana Jones, Iris and Cisco discover that Nash is looking for a mysterious element he calls Eternium. Apparently Iris gives off high readings, but before they can ask him anything more, he throws a smoke bomb and disappears, finding a stronger reading in a sewer. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Wells and what Eternium might be next week on THE FLASH. Lastly, this week’s episode ends with Barry throwing Frost a birthday party, and Rosso testing more dark matter, discovering that he has the ability to control it, and wanting more for him to absorb.


The ARROWVERSE continues the final season of ARROW with a return to Hong Kong on Earth-1 after Oliver, Diggle, and Laurel witness Earth-2’s destruction by way of an anti-matter wave. In Hong Kong, The Monitor needs Oliver to find a doctor.

While Diggle and Oliver try to find the doctor, Laurel is in denial about the destruction of her Earth. Lyla joins Laurel to find a way to repair their transporter. However, even after repairs, Laurel can’t get back to Earth-2. It’s just simply not there anymore. Gone. Lyla helps Laurel process her survivor’s guilt, and helps her realize that there’s still people on this Earth that need her help.

Katana Returns and JJ’s Deathstroke Gang

Diggle and Oliver’s search has them crossing paths once again with Tatsu Yamashiro, Katana. Together they discover that the doctor has been missing due to being the hostage of Chyna White, who also returns. It turns out that the doctor in question has recreated the Alpha/Omega virus from seasons past. It does create some concern in Oliver as to why the Monitor wants the doctor. Katana helps him realize that perhaps there are other ways to succeed and protect his family other than blindly following the Monitor’s orders. She tells him that there’s always another way.

Image from the CW.

Meanwhile in 2040, Connor tries reconnect with JJ. Unfortunately, JJ and his Deathstroke Gang have plans to take over Star City. They raid the Arrow Bunker and kidnap William, which can’t be good. Mia’s not going to have any interest in trying to redeem JJ now. It will be interesting to see if next week’s episode will delve more into 2040, or into Oliver potentially resisting or at least questioning the Monitor’s orders. Personally I’m more interested in the latter, but we’ll have to see next week on the ARROWVERSE.


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