Here’s your ARROWVERSE update! Lena Luthor’s true intentions and feelings are revealed to Supergirl, Sophie struggles with Kate’s secret identity, Black Lightning readies for war, Ralph and Barry go under cover Bond-style, and Oliver struggles to protect his now grown children.

By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman


After a number of episodes dodging Kate and Sophie’s history, we finally get the full story, one which explores the obstacles faced by the LGBTQ community. While Kate chose to leave Point Rock rather than hide her sexuality, Sophie took the academy’s deal. Part of this was because she needed the economic benefits but also, due to her mom’s excessive homophobia, a need to repress her identity for acceptance.

Ultimately it was Jacob Kane who persuaded her to stay, acknowledging the non-privileged realities Sophie would face. We see this contrast between how they react to this bigotry during a dinner interaction. The restaurant owner finds various reasons to have them leave before Kate chews him out for homophobic behavior. She’s adamant on flipping off this BS but Sophie is uncomfortable standing up, the result of internalized shame. What this means for her relationship with Tyler is unclear, but it will likely have repercussions.

Old and Older Flames

Plotwise, things are bit more straightforward. Alfred Pennyworth’s daughter Julia comes to Gotham, and it’s revealed she and Kate have a bit of a history. That kind of history. She’s here to track an assassin known as “the Rifle,” who’s working a deal with Alice: the Batsuit-piercing gun for a mysterious vial. Julia even takes the suit to lure the Rifle out of hiding, but things go awry after the Crows apprehend her. Quite convenient after Sophie reveals her identity to Jacob. Or does she? Turns out this Jacob was Mouse in disguise, and Alice sabotaged the gun to not piece Kate’s suit.

What her plans with Kate are I don’t know, but that vial and the promo’s torture of Jacob say nothing good. Still, Kate’s moving on with her life. She tells Sophie they should avoid seeing each other and asks Mary to help her redecorate a building space she bought. They’re building a gay bar right across the street from that homophobic restaurant owner- karma bitch.


Looks like Kara finally learned about Lena’s betrayal, and the result is just as unpleasant as I imagined. To get the last piece of her “end bad human behavior” plan, Lena needed Lex-designed weapons from Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Following an encounter with representatives of Leviathan, she “suggest” that some of those weapons could be used to counteract the abilities of one Rama Khan. Seems innocent enough at first. Admittedly, the reveal that Leviathan- supposedly everywhere- is composed mainly of three stranded aliens is a bit underwhelming. We don’t know the extent of their political reach but, according to Brainy’s research, this Earthbender may have caused the Noah’s Ark flood. That just reinforces how old and biblical this guy’s powers are.

Image from CW

Brainy manages to locate Leviathan’s headquarters, albeit thanks to a bomb explosion that shortcircuits/supercharges his powers. Really it’s an excuse for Jesse Rath to go nuts and I’m not complaining. However, when he and Alex enter the building, it’s cloaked thanks to the youngest Leviathan member’s abilities. How this ties into Lena’s plan remains uncertain.

Make Ups and Betrayals

Meanwhile, J’onn reaches out to his father’s spirit after continuing to sense Malefic’s presence. As M’yrnn points out, Malefic is still in National City thanks to Lena’s experiment and still harbors revenge. The only way to end this conflict between them is for J’onn to lower his psychic shields and let his brother feel his regret. It works, rather quickly I might add. Still, having Carl Lumbly and Phil LaMarr cameo in the same episode (not side by side sadly), is really nostalgic for us JUSTICE LEAGUE viewers.

The tragic highlight, however, is Supergirl learning the truth about Lena. Catching her stealing Myriad (Season 1’s deadly weapon), Lena tells Kara about how she killed Lex in her name and how he revealed Supergirl’s secret, making her feel incredibly duped. She wants to make sure no one feels that betrayal again, but pouring salt on Kara’s naivete was too hard to resist. The irony is that Kara will likely forgive Lena for this betrayal anyway, as she sincerely viewed Lena as a friend. With Supergirl currently trapped in the Fortress of Solitude, we’ll have a two week break until the conclusion to this conflict. Odds are it won’t be resolved easily.


At this point both the Pierce family and Freeland are reaching their boiling point. An underground resistance led by Chief Henderson attempts to spread word about the ASA’s crimes, but they still control the narrative. Meanwhile Jefferson’s refusal to sit idly by as his town becomes a police state puts him at odds with Lynn, who’s addiction to Green Light is getting worse. She fears more Black Lightning sightings will hurt their deal with the ASA, but it’s
not helping that she’s working with Tobias Whale now.

Yes Tobias is coming back to center stage, somewhere between enemy and reluctant ally. As he puts it, unlike Agent Odell, Tobias both honest in his motives and modest enough to kill you from the front. He still knows about Jefferson’s secret identity but, for now, wants a list of metahumans housed in the pit for… reasons. Whether it’s for a breakout or a personal army is not yet clear. But it’s Tobias Whale, so you can bet the results won’t be pretty. Meanwhile Anissa’s condition is getting worse. Her poison scratch from Khalil has nullified her metahuman powers and could easily kill her within the week. Yet Anissa refuses to let anyone beyond Grace and Gambi know about this, especially her parents. Perhaps her guilt over Tavon’s death is causing this withdrawn decision, but keeping secrets never works in these stories. Especially given the opening segment.

Dogs of War

Still, a lot more reveals are coming into place. Gambi realizes the poison is a modification of Khalil’s previous abilities and discovers his grave to be empty. Jennifer breaks into new school kid Brandon’s residence and learns he’s also a meta with elemental manipulation powers. His mom was killed by Doctor Jace’s experiments and he wants revenge. This will make for a fun relationship, at least until the ex-boyfriend shows up. Still, if there’s a shock to this episode, it’s how the Markovian storyline plays out. Markovian leader Yuri Mosin and teleporting meta Instant make their way into Freeland, but are ambushed by Odell’s forces. A battle happens off-screen which leaves Odell… dead? Hard to say, he’s too big a player to be killed off this weakly and Black Lightning does save his ass from a gunshot. Still, if Odell really is dead, I’m not looking forward to seeing his replacement. Better the devil you know.

The result is a coming before the storm scenario. Henderson gets hardhitting reporter Jamillah to be their new resistance spokesperson, and her media profile will likely cause ripples. But Lynn leaves Jefferson because apparently he just can’t help himself playing the hero? I’m still iffy on that plot development. We’ll just see what happens when Black Lightning goes to war.


Lately on THE FLASH, Barry has been going to each member of Team Flash, hoping to prepare them for the very real possibility that he will be gone after the upcoming CRISIS. This week on ARROWVERSE, Barry’s focus is all on Ralph Dibny. Barry decides to join Ralph on his missing persons investigation on Sue Dearbon. While Barry typically had something to teach in past episodes to Cisco and Killer Frost, Ralph ends up teaching Barry some things. With the episode being entitled “License to Elongate”, the episode is naturally chock full of James Bond references and easter eggs. Ralph teaches Barry about subtlety and timing for when a mask should or shouldn’t be worn.

Image from CW

Barry’s main goal in joining Ralph on his trip is to speed thing along so he can get him back for a surprise press conference, announcing Elongated Man as the new protector of Central City. Ralph has come a long way since we first met him. While there’s no way he would’ve been considered to replace Flash then, he’s certainly earned it now.

Meanwhile on THE FLASH

While the majority of the episode’s focus was on Barry and Ralph, there is a minor b-story with Nash Wells and Allegra. Courtesy of Nash’s lack of tact, Allegra learns several things all at once, like the multiverse, Barry Allen identity as The Flash, The Monitor, and the oncoming Crisis. Man, that’s a lot to take in all at once! Furthermore, Nash needs Allegra for her UV powers to help him get through the wall.

Also, Chester P. Runk awakes from his coma and gets assistance (or lack therof based on the results) from Cecile to ask a girl he likes out, most likely because Cecile needs more to do as her brand new profession is light on work. All in all, aside from Ralph and Barry, this week’s ARROWVERSE episode of THE FLASH was a little lack luster.


Last but not least for the ARROWVERSE, we have the latest episode from the final season of ARROW. The episode begins with Oliver training Mia, using the same tennis ball exercises he himself used to train with in the first season.

Hoping to create a weapon capable of taking down the Monitor should he prove to have less than well-meaning intentions, Oliver takes his adult kids and Laurel to Russia to find plans, while Diggle goes to get plutonium and recruits Roy to help too.

Oliver has some awesome moments and connection with his both his kids, but especially with Mia. Oliver initially tries to protect them and keep them from helping, yet good old Anatoly helps Oliver realize that the real reason he’s pushing them away is so that he doesn’t have to reveal his darker past before becoming a hero. Some real trust and bonds form and it’s really cool to see.

Diggle, Roy, and Betrayal

Lastly for this most recent ARROWVERSE episode, Diggle finds Roy to get his help and manages to convince Roy to come back and join the fold. Roy been isolated due to his bloodlust from the Lazarus Pit. However, Diggle tells him that the best way for him to combat those urges is to surround himself with those that he trusts like a team. Roy agrees. It’ll be really cool to have Roy come back for the final episodes!

Lastly, Laurel goes to find Lyla, who has been secretly working for The Monitor. Instead of agreeing to betray Oliver like the Monitor requested last week on the ARROWVERSE, Laurel reveals Lyla’s allegiance to Oliver and Diggle. However, the episode ends with all three of them being shot with darts in front of Lyla. It remains to be seen if a new party has come onto the scene, or if the attack came from Lyla at the Monitor’s request.

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