Here’s your weekly ARROWVERSE update. Kate Kane vs. Magpie, farewell to James Olsen, Green Light addiction, Cisco tries to save Flash, and a huge Oliver twist (get it?) on ARROW! Read on for more. Click here for last week’s ARROWVERSE update.

By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman


With BATWOMAN’s origins essentially wrapped up, it’s looks like Kate Kane is looking to develop her personal life beyond the currently unavailable and married Sophie. She starts dating Reagan, the bartender from last week’s episode, and they seem to have a chemistry…at least until Kate keeps having to leave to save the day as Batwoman.

Speaking of: the ARROWVERSE gets another new Gotham villain with the thief Magpie, lover of all things shiny, including Martha Wayne’s pearl necklace. When she steals them right under Kate and Luke’s nose, they plan to get it back from her. Conveniently, an exhibition opens displaying several pieces of priceless jewelry belonging to prominent women in history. Basically: the perfect target for Magpie and perfect place for Kate to catch her.

Image from the CW.

Meanwhile, Alice (Kate’s long-lost sister Beth) goes after Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Kate stepmother and her father Jacob’s second wife. We learn that Catherine has a dark secret, and Alice knows what it is. She essentially forces Catherine to expose herself to Jacob: that she planted the false evidence that convinced him to move on and stop looking for Beth. The skull fragments weren’t Beth’s. They were a goat’s. Catherine saw that Kate and Jacob were becoming obsessed and on a downward spiral. She was hoping to provide closure in order to help them heal. When Jacob hears this, he wants nothing to do with her.

Batwoman successfully takes down Magpie, and saves the people that were in danger. However, in the process, Kate comes to the realization that it going to be hard for her to maintain a relationship with Reagan. She breaks things off, but continues in her resolve to be Gotham’s new protecter and the latest hero in the ARROWVERSE.


So this is how SUPERGIRL bids farewell to James Olsen? It feels a little underwhelming, though still keeping in touch with his good-natured personality. Going with Kelly to their hometown to hide from Malefic, James learns a giant prison complex has been built in their absence. It’s the main manufacturer of jobs, his old newspaper doesn’t want to deal with the political blowback of investors- that corrupt shit. It’s only a subplot so it lacks the weight expected of James leaving National City to run his home newspaper. But at least he gets a funny Perry White moment.

Image from the CW.

Back to the main story, Team Superfriend’s hunt for Malefic brings J’onn’s secrets into the light. His original attempt to withhold his brother’s reasons for vengeance lead Alex to believe this entire ordeal is her fault. Then Malefic takes over her mind, tells Alex what she did, then has her chew J’onn out just to lower his morale. Being SUPERGIRL though, this malaise is only temporary, as Kara reminds J’onn of all the good he’s done.

Lena and Malefic

They track Malefic to a Planetarium where he has a bunch of incepted humans and J’onn formally apologizes for erasing his memory. It’s not exactly received well and there’s a fight, some action and Malefic is sent to the Phantom Zone. Or does he? Turns out Lena hardwired the Phantom Zone to transport the Martian to her lab for her big experiment. By studying his powers, they can successfully redirect brain pathways to alter emotions.

Meanwhile, Kara’s attempts to track her co-worker’s William’s movements leads her to coverups in Mexico City and back. When she reaches his secret address, there’s a giant murder board with Andrea Rojas’ face in the center. Turns out William’s selfish suckup persona was an act; he’s working undercover for the London Times to investigate Rojas’ role in a larger conspiracy. Leviathan maybe? Time will tell as ARROWVERSE’s SUPERGIRL continues.


At this point in BLACK LIGHTNING, each Pierce family member is reacting differently to the A.S.A. occupation. Jefferson, understandably, is horrified at this police state takeover of his city, even though he’s been reinstated as Garfield High’s guidance counselor. He’s also less enthusiastic about Anissa’s Blackbird antics, despite her helping the incarcerated metas. That kind of overprotective father bit.

By comparison, Jennifer’s being conditioned by Agent Odell to view the occupation as a necessary evil. To “prove” his case, he sends her an encrypted video of the Markovian’s human rights violations. Whether or not the footage is real, it’s enough to make Jennifer believe they pose a big enough threat to warrant “protection,” even defending their presence when her classmates point out all sorts of negative historical parallels.

Image from the CW.

This is, of course, followed up by A.S.A. agents barging into class to arrest a student for possible meta powers, something even Principal Lowry objects to but gets knocked out. Given how much of an unlikable dick Lowry has been for most of BLACK LIGHTNING, this shows even he has limits when it comes to manhandling his students. To get Jennifer’s classmate and other convicted metas out of Freeland PD, Jefferson suits up to cut the police’s power. Blackbird beats up the A.S.A. and, since the A.S.A effectively demotes the police and their ability to serve, Henderson has his precinct let it happen as payback.

Lynn’s Addiction

It’s only a matter of time before Black Lightning gets directly involved in this conflict. Likewise Lynn has been working overtime on finding a cure for the meta virus, even taking Green Light to stay awake. She manages to get the cure to work, but not before we realize Odell has been conditioning Lynn to stay addicted, mainly as a way to control her. Combined with Khalil/Painkiller working as a hitman, these secrets are going to have massive fallout. God knows what Lightning will do when she learns her now-brainwashed bf is alive.


I have no idea how long Ramsay Russo/Bloodwork will remain a seasonal villain. The ARROWVERSE CRISIS is fast-approaching so THE FLASH needs something to pad out time before the multiverse collapses. But at least Barry finally learned that Ramsay has rebuked his Hippocrates Oath to go full villain. No need to keep that mystery afloat. But the reaction to Barry’s fate produce some brooding amongst Team Flash, specifically with Cisco, who refuses to accept this revelation.

Barry, rather than dwell on his death, suggests they cure Ramsay of his cancer instead, which means teaming up with Nash Wells to steal an experimental serum. It’s of Dominator origin but that’s unimportant-Nash just wants Cisco to build a “crypto-circuit” that he needs for reasons. Reasons we later learn involve tracking the Monitor’s whereabouts.

Barry later learns Cisco took the serum, despite claiming it was stolen, in hopes of saving his friend. Sadly, even this fails to help Ramsay’s cells, who realizes that the connective enzyme is adrenaline from human blood. To produce that adrenaline, he has to kill more people to keep living, leading to Ramsay massacring a number of hospital patients. And, much to Flash and Frost’s horror, those whose blood he drains turn into black-mouthed zombie creatures that later melt into goo. Happy Halloween people.

Team Worries For Barry’s Life

Of course the rest of Team Flash also struggles to deal with Barry’s fixed death. The most heartbreaking example is Joe, who breaks down at the thought of his adoptive son dying after all the good he’s done for humanity.

Image from the CW.

Others, like Ralph, struggle with the ability to keep going down this path despite a seemingly inevitable fate. He’s determines to keep looking into this missing persons case regarding a certain Sue Dearborn who plays a big role in Ralph Dibney’s comic life. Even though, as Ralph puts it, “it’s not like I’m looking to get married.”

Crazy ARROWVERSE Update For Oliver on ARROW

The ARROWVERSE is getting wild. Oliver travels to Nanda Parbat, hoping to see if Ra’s Al Ghul had any information on the Monitor hidden away in the League of Assassins’ vaults. He reunites with his sister Thea, whose been going after the Thanatos Guild.

Instead of finding answers, Oliver find himself in the middle of a battle between Thalia Al Ghul, Thea, and the Thanatos Guild, who are all seeking the the Sword of the Demon in order to gain control of the entire league. In the end, Thea gets the sword, becoming the new Demon’s Head. Technically it’s hers by right as the last Demon’s Head was her father, making her the next heir. She determines to join forces with Thalia, reforming the League as a League of Heroes.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Lyla go on a rescue mission to Kasnia to save a young Connor Hawke. In the future, Team Arrow of 2040 takes on JJ and his Deathstrokes, and it takes heavy toll. JJ kills Zoe, the daughter of Wild Dog. Mia and her brother William also have a heart to heart, which is cool.

The Awesome ARROW Plot Twist

But here’s where it really gets nuts: right after Zoe’s death, there’s a bright white light. Suddenly, Oliver returns to the Arrow Bunker, in front of Diggle, Rene, and Dinah. Confused, he wants to know what’s going on. Then he turns around. Right there in front of him stands Mia, William, and Connor from the future!!! What?!

Image from the CW.

This means that so many cool thing for ARROW and the ARROWVERSE in general. First off, it means that Oliver and Diggle get to spend time with their older children. Second of all, the 2040 characters and plot now have a stronger appeal and more interesting purpose: they now have a chance to alter their present. Could it also mean that Mia, William, and Connor could be a part of the coming ARROWVERSE Crisis? It’s possible. I have to assume it’s the Monitor who is responsible for bringing the 2040 characters to the present in the first place. We’ll have to see next week on the ARROWVERSE.

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