No BLACK LIGHTNING this week, but there’s still plenty to get excited about this week on ARROWVERSE. Alice’s backstory on BATWOMAN, Leviathan rises on SUPERGIRL, Barry and Iris go on vacation on THE FLASH, and Oliver meets his kids on ARROW!

By Kevin Erdmann and Ben Wasserman


The latest BATWOMAN episode, ‘Mine is a Long and Sad Tale,’ is dark, harrowing and twisted. It’s also the show’s best episode to date. We finally get a look at the origins of Beth’s post-accident turmoil that set her on the path to becoming Alice. And, more specifically, her rationale for wanting the entire Kane family tormented, rather than just Catherine for passing off deer bones as her corpse. After a series of skin thefts, Kate captures her sister and demands some answers. It’s the kind that, as Alice points out, she’ll need a drink for.

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After surviving the car crash, Beth is “rescued” by a man living in a rural house outside of Gotham. He lives with his son Jonathon, whose face is badly scarred, so the man wants Beth to be his friend. And by “friend” I mean held hostage in the basement so she can’t escape, with the threat of killing anyone who looks for her. The last bit is important because it almost happened. Beth managed to briefly escape the basement and make a call to Jacob before getting caught, but it lead to her father and Kate briefly searching the house. Of course Beth was threatened with shouting out to them, leading to a heartbreaking moment where she and young Kate are just a wall apart from each other. Basically Alice is upset that twin telepathy was turned out to be bupkis.

Family Drama

This brings a lot of context to Alice’s early vengeance quest. She’s angry at her family for not feeling her presence, while likely secretly mad at herself for not shouting. So in sociopathic fashion Jacob and Sophie track down his daughters to the house, where Kate’s been chained up. Also Alice might have some Stockholm Syndrome, as she took the skin for a now-adult Jonathon, now a recent Arkham escapee going by Mouse. Caring more for the boy she was
forced to be friends with than her own birth family- who’s the real woman with parental issues? I mean, at least he gave her some reading material. Mouse’s adult background is revealed during the B-plot featuring Mary and Luke in Wayne Tower, who have delightful chemistry.

It’s also a way for Mary to vent some steam after learning about her mom and the deer skull. Though, as she points out, she’s the non-murdery sister and Kate still seems more focused on her now-alive but crazy one. It’s another great layer to Mary’s characterization, making her more of an MVP with each new episode. So yeah downer episode, but now Jacob has accepted his daughter is alive. She’s just mad and
wants everyone dead for not looking hard enough. Though I sense a bit of projection involved.

SUPERGIRL: Obsidian North Launches

This week’s ARROWVERSE episode of SUPERGIRL saw William and Supergirl teaming to to take down Andrea Rojas. Rojas is on the cusp of launching her company’s new VR Obsidian North lenses, and the city is abuzz with excitement. William agrees to sign an NDA in order for Kara to take him to the DEO in order for them him to witness an investigation of an assassin. He gives a name of a new assassin who goes by the name of Rip Roar, which angers William. It turns out Rip Roar, who uses two Doctor Octopus like arms, killed Williams best friend Russell who once dated Andrea. His friend’s death is what started Williams’s quest into taking down Andrea in the first place, believing that it was Andrea who sent Rip Roar to kill Russell.

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However, more investigation and the apprehension of Rip Roar reveals that Rip Roar did not kill Russell but that Rip Roar IS Russell himself. Furthermore, he stole a marathon laser from Lex Luthor’s apprehended tech in order to melt a subglacial lake creating a massive flood that would take out the entire coast. He tells Kara that he’s under orders.

Leviathan Rising

While Kara and J’onn deal withe the glacier, Dreamer holds back the tides from flooding the city, including the pier with several oblivious people enjoying their new VR lenses, including Kelly. While the destruction is averted, the investigation into Andrea falls apart, as the damage would have cost her and her family billions of dollars, as well as the reveal of Rip Roar’s true identity. Kara and Alex suspect that there’s a bigger player in the mix. They’re right.

The episode ends with the lady connected to Leviathan meeting with Andrea in a car. She tells her that she needs to deal with Rip Roar. With this ending, hopefully it means that next week on ARROWVERSE’s SUPERGIRL will reveal more about the obviously sinister organization.


This week’s ARROWVERSE episode of THE FLASH is all about Cisco. Barry and Iris go to Tahiti for a much needed vacation before thing get crazy before CRISIS. No problem, Cisco made an AI named B.A.R.I which is patterned after Barry’s past leadership choices. B.A.R.I can make all the decisions so Cisco doesn’t have to. However, while Cisco’s been having some issues with sleepwalking, Breacher appears in Cisco’s bedroom. He tells Cisco that Gypsy, his daughter and Cisco’s ex-girlfriend, is dead. She was killed during an investigation into an infamous multi-versal hacker with an unknown identity. Upon further investigation, it looks as though Cisco killed her unwittingly due to the suppression of his Vibe powers. Now, Cisco has to either surrender or find a way to clear his name.

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Meanwhile, Captain Joe West follows the new “Nash” Wells down into the sewers where the get trapped and have a heart to heart. After they get rescued by Ralph, Nash reveals he knows of a way to save Barry. Killer Frost on the other hand, looks into Bloodwork, the season’s new big bad.

Cisco vs. Cisco

Again, the ARROWVERSE’s focus for THE FLASH this last week is on Cisco. Cisco discovers the truth behind Gypsy’s murder. The unknown hacker is actually another Earth’s Cisco who was planning on framing our Cisco for the murder. Using his own powers and decision making, Cisco is able to take down his doppleganger hacker and clear his name. He determines that he doesn’t need B.A.R.I to save the day.

While I’m never a huge fan of episodes of THE FLASH without well… The Flash, I do enjoy this development for Cisco. It’s cool to see him depend on his own abilities and decision making, sans Barry. It’s also always a pleasure to see Danny Trejo reprise his role as Breacher.

Considering Nash Well’s proclamation that he knows how to save Barry, is it possible that The Flash might actually survive the Crisis? We’ll have to see if more details come to light next week on the ARROWVERSE.


Who would have thought ARROW would take a FLASH route tie its flash forwards into the main storyline? Following last week’s shocking conclusion, Mia, William and Connor were transported from 2040 to 2019 to see their now-alive dad alongside John, Rene and Dinah. It’s a moment of whiplash for everyone, especially Mia, who never knew Oliver living in the cabin and whose birth was hidden from everyone. Of course there are some happy moments at first. I really loved a conversation between Oliver and William where they catch up on the past 21 years. William mentions his computer business’ success and finally comes out, something Oliver notes he and Felicity knew all along, because

Image from the CW.

But these moments clash with new Team Arrow’s unwillingness to tell the old team about the future. Part time paradox part family guilt- it lasts about the first 20 minutes. When things finally come out it’s not pleasant. J.J. running the Deathstrokes, Zoe dying- none of it is good news for the old team’s future, especially John and Rene. The fact that not much of Star City’s politics and crime got better doesn’t help. And then there’s Mia venting on Oliver for
leaving her and Felicity in the cabin, albeit at the behest of a multiverse god.

Changing the Future

Still, the team is given a chance to change their future (present?) circumstances. They’ve arrived around the time Grant Wilson, Slade’s son, is launching attacks on Star City’s 1%, which would inspire his future following. Past/present and future teams team up to stop it, though with Mia thinking of going the “vengeance murder” route. A path, Laurel notes, she once prevented Felicity from doing to Ricardo Diaz. Thankfully Mia doesn’t go through with murder, though whether things are changed by this alteration in the timestream are unknown. For all we know, some new anomaly caused the bad future now, Terminator-style. Still it sets Team Arrow 1.0 and 2.0 on new futures: Rene begins his campaign for mayor, the Canaries might be formed earlier (spinoff!!) and Mia can actually get to know Oliver more.

Seems all good right? Except there’s the bit with the supernatural stuff. Analyzing some fabric from Earth-2, a returning Curtis deduces similar anti-matter weapon exists in Russia, which might help Oliver
confront the Monitor. Just in case the being isn’t being fully truthful about his intentions. And it’s possible- he asks Laurel to betray Oliver if she wants Earth-2 saved. Though I’m speculating this is the Anti-Monitor in disguise.

The ARROWVERSE shows all air on the CW.

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