The Arrowverse shows are about to finish the first quarter of their newest seasons. The fifth episodes of our favorite shows are set to manifest a two billionaire face off, a Bram Stoker tribute, a bachelorette party gone wrong, and an epic team-up between the Green Arrow and Deathstroke.


It is Lena Luthor vs. Morgan Edge in Season 3, Episode 5 of SUPERGIRL. After Lena bought CatCo before Edge could get his hands on the newspaper, Edge swore revenge on the L-Corp CEO.

Now Edge wants to incriminate Luthor after children become sick from lead poisoning. As the promo for this episode suggests, this will send Lena down a very dark path which may draw her closer to the villainous role of her brother, Lex.

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In the episode, Kara and Samantha are going to have to work together to clear Lena’s name. It will be exciting to see these two aliens forge a closer relationship. If Kara and Samantha become close friends, it may cause drama down the line when the two come to blows as Supergirl and Reign respectively.

We will also see Alex struggle more with the fact that she wants kids while Maggie apparently does not. However, the element of this episode that excites me the most is that Kevin Smith is directing it. Kevin Smith has directed some of the best episodes of both SUPERGIRL and THE FLASH, so this indicates that “Damage” could be another fantastic episode. Can’t wait to watch it this Monday at 8:00 PM EST on the CW.

THE FLASH: “Girls Night Out”

In the previous four episodes of this season, FLASH has reestablished a light-hearted, slightly goofy tone for itself. “Girls Night Out” seems to continue this tonal trend with an episode focusing on the bachelor and bachelorette parties before Barry and Iris’s wedding.

We’re getting another enjoyable guest star role from Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity from ARROW) who joins Iris, Caitlin, and Denise for the bachelorette party. The fascinating guest star appearance comes from Katee Sackhoff of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA fame.

Sackhoff is playing Amunet, a supervillain created by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver in 2001. In the comics, Amunet had a connection with many classic Flash foes such as the Trickster, Zoom, and Goldface. She even leads the Rogues at one point.

The show has revealed that Amunet was Caitlin’s old boss from before she returned to S.T.A.R. Labs. Perhaps Amunet has an invested interest in using Killer Frost to further her plans. Watch THE FLASH at 8:00 PM EST this Tuesday on the CW to discover the answers.

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW: “Return of the Mack”

Episode 5 of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is titled “Return of the Mack,” a reference to the famous 90s song by Mark Morrison. This episode brings what will likely be a fun return for teams old captain, Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill).

Though Rip’s fun presence is excellent, this episode primarily focuses on the team’s journey to Victorian Era London. The Legends embark on this quest to find a time-traveling vampire, though I’m sure we’ll learn some interesting details about that.

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The promo shows Mick Rory (Dominic Purcell) holding a copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Vamp fans should be sure to look out for plenty of gothic fiction references in this episode. We’ll also potential learn what will happen to Martin Stein (Victor Garber) after last weeks discovery of Stein’s plan to hopefully have Firestorm broken up.

Fans will also get a chance to see more interactions between Zari and the other members of the team. “Return of the Mack” has the possibility of being one of the LEGENDS OF TOMORROW’s more creative and exciting episodes. Make sure to check it out at 9:00 PM on Tuesday on the CW!

ARROW: “Deathstroke Returns”

Arrow Season 6’s next episode, “Deathstroke Returns” is giving fans exactly what they want: more Slade Wilson. Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke is ARROW’s greatest villain and perhaps its coolest character.

That’s why it was so thrilling to see the world’s greatest mercenary return in the Season 5 finale. Now the show is delivering more heroic Deathstroke action as Oliver and Slade team up to rescue the latter’s son, Joe.

Last season, one of the best episodes was when Oliver broke Diggle out of prison. Now we’re getting a similar standalone rescue episode. However, this time we get to see the combined strength of the former Green Arrow and Deathstroke unleashed.

I do think it’s odd that this episode will return to Russia once again, but perhaps this means that Anatoly Knyazev is involved. I also wonder whether Deathstroke’s son, Joe Wilson, will be anyway similar to his comic counterpart, Jericho. We’ll just have to watch ARROW at 8:00pm EST this Thursday on the CW to find out.

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