The time has finally come, it’s the Arrowverse Crossover! All 4 DC shows airing for this special 2-night event. Based on the trailer there’s a lot to look forward to this week. There’s the long-awaited wedding between Barry and Iris, the Nazi versions of our heroes from Earth-X, a new hero from said Earth known as the Ray, and the final appearance of Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold.

Barry and Iris’ Wedding

Longtime FLASH fans will finally get to see the Scarlet Speedster get hitched to the girl of his dreams. This wedding is so huge that it’s the event which brings together characters from all four shows. From the trailer, we see that Barry is the one giving Oliver some advice for a change. Barry lets his friend know that they can, and deserve, to be happy with someone. Of course, no superhero wedding would be complete without some attack. Enter — NAZIS!

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According to Harry Wells, Earth-X is the 53rd Earth where the Nazis won World War II. In the comics, it is Earth-10 where Hitler won WWII and not the other Earth. The writers behind the Arrowverse Crossover probably thought it would sound more epic if this Nazi Earth were an extra universe instead of just being one of the 52 Earths. Either way, fans will get to see Nazi versions of their favorite heroes.

The lead actors for ARROW, FLASH, and SUPERGIRL are no strangers to playing evil versions of themselves in the past. However, this will be the first time all three will be evil and fighting as one. Our heroes will certainly have their hands full facing off against their evil doppelgangers. But, they won’t be alone! For even in a world ruled by Nazis, there are still heroes who fight for the hope of mankind.

The Ray

This hero is none other than the Ray, the Freedom Fighter. The Ray was first introduced in the comics in February 1992. He draws his powers from the sun, he is capable of flight and shooting energy blasts. Following DC’s Rebirth, the Ray is now an openly gay character.

Quantico actor Russell Tovey will portray him. It is also worth noting that Tovey will be providing the voice for the CW Seed show Freedom Fighters: The Ray. The show takes place on Earth-X and follows the adventures of the Ray and various other heroes who fight alongside him.  No word on when the show will be released, but odds are they are using the crossover to introduce the Ray to a broad audience before airing his show.

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Captain Cold’s Final Appearance


As a new hero enters, another one leaves. Wentworth Miller has been portraying Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold for four years. Since his initial arrival as an enemy of the Flash, the character has grown into a hero after his time with the legends on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

While Wentworth Miller’s role in the Arrowverse has diminished over time, he was always a staple part of it. However, the actor has officially announced that this crossover will be his final appearance as Captain Cold. Fans will certainly be disheartened to see this character go, but based on the trailer it seems that they’re giving Captain Cold plenty of time to shine in his final showing.

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The 2-night crossover begins tonight with SUPERGIRL at 8/9 EST followed by ARROW at 9/10 EST. Be sure to check out the show and our review once it ends.

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  1. John Roberts

    December 4, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    Crisis on Earth-X would have been a great series had not the writers been so intent to not only stuff homosexuality down our throats, but to then have the characters tell each other that, when guilt follows, “You did nothing wrong…there’s nothing to be ashamed about.” Actually, it depends on who you ask.

    I don’t believe in brutalizing homosexuals for what they do and with whom, but the last thing I want them to do is stuff it down our throats and tell children that this decadent practice is okay, that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Actually, that’s exactly not what I’m teaching my kids. Historically, no decadent nation has survived long after it embraces the filth the left is pushing on the rest of us. Let people live and let live, but I don’t want to watch men kissing men or women kissing women.

    None of my kids are now allowed to watch THE FLASH, ARROW, SUPERGIRL or LEGENDS. Nor will I. I also hope other Americans will follow suit and pull their kids off these shows. For some reason, societies always seem to digress and become worse, not better.


    • Justin Gilbert Alba

      December 5, 2017 at 2:35 am

      You realize you’re condemning homosexuality, but you haven’t mentioned Nazis? You should probably teach your kid what was behind Nazism was bad. You know, like bigotry? There’s nothing decadent about being gay.


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