Initial details on this year’s Arrowverse crossover are coming to the surface. Here’s everything we know so far: dates, plot details, and characters we can expect to make an appearance!

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This post has been updated as of 10/16/18

Arrowverse Crossover: When Is It?

According to Deadline, the Arrowverse crossover will happen this December. The first episode comes from FLASH on Sunday the 9th. The second will be ARROW on the 10th, and SUPERGIRL on the 11th. All three will air at 8PM.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from DC

It’s interesting to note that the FLASH and SUPERGIRL episodes will air at special times instead of their usual times. FLASH will typically air on Tuesdays, and SUPERGIRL on Sundays, however, they are swapping for the crossover. Why? Perhaps it makes more sense to have FLASH go first in context with the story they are trying to tell. Maybe.

In any case, ARROW will stay at its usual time on Monday nights. The new Arrowverse seasons will premiere in October, so waiting a couple months will give the shows time to establish their own stories before having the crossover.

Arrowverse Crossover: No LEGENDS OF TOMORROW?

This year, it looks as though Captain Sarah Lance and the other Legends will not be a part of the crossover, according to EW. While this could be disappointing for some, it does make a certain amount of sense.

Over time, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW has become more independent and wacky than its fellow shows. I would imagine it’s not always easy to naturally integrate the Legends into an overarching story, due to their travels through space and time, especially if said story is going to be more grounded.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from DC

It also makes sense from a logistical standpoint. Several reports from last year’s Arrowverse crossover indicate that having four shows, with all of those actors and crews trying to work on the same schedule to be very extensive and exhausting for all involved. Having one less show is bound to make things at least somewhat easier.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from DC

Even though the Legends won’t be a part of the crossover, they still have plenty going on. Constantine shows up in the last season’s finale, telling the Legends that their actions, while heroic, opens up the universe to several threats of the mystical and magical variety.

Arrowverse Crossover: The Plot & A New Hero

While we don’t know much about the plot itself, we do know whom the plot will be centered around. This year’s crossover will have its focus centered on Batwoman! Played by actress Ruby Rose, this will be the first time that Batwoman will have a live-action role. It’s also very exciting to see more of the Batman lore and mythology enter the Arrowverse that will inevitably come with Batwoman’s introduction. Perhaps we’ll even see Gotham City?

…Time will tell.

Arrowverse Crossover
Official Image of Ruby Rose as Batwoman! Image from the CW

Batwoman is an incredible character; while she initially has a promising military career, Kate Kane is kicked out of West Point for coming out as gay. She then becomes Batwoman, holding a similar war on crime as the man she models herself after. Batwoman is notably DC’s first openly gay superhero. Ruby Rose is also openly gay. Her addition to the Arrowverse continues the CW’s commitment to diverse casting.

The crossover will also lead into a BATWOMAN series on the CW. This will be in a similar fashion to how the second Arrowverse crossover was the launchpad for LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. It’s probably too much to ask, but it would be super cool to see Batman, if only as a quick cameo. It could even be from the shadows! Again, it’s unlikely…

Arrowverse Crossover: Taking Place on Earth-38?

While the Legends will be absent, there will be some new faces to the crossover scene to aid the titular heroes, such as Superman and Lois Lane! Also, a reveal from EW, Superman and Lois Lane will play large roles in the crossover, with Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) confirmed as being in all three episodes.

While having several references thus far, Lois Lane will have her first appearance in the crossover. Lois will be played by actress Elizabeth Tulloch.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from DC

With the news that Clark and Lois will play large parts in the crossover, it could very well be that Barry Allen and Oliver Queen may be hopping over to their and Supergirl’s Earth, Earth-38. If this is the case, that means that this would be the not only the first time a crossover has occurred on Earth-38, but also a first-time visit for Oliver.

This would also suggest that Batwoman’s home Earth is Earth-38. It seems logical. There have been references on SUPERGIRL to Batman, such as Superman having previously worked with him. On Oliver and Barry’s Earth, Earth-1, Bruce Wayne has been referenced, but not Batman. This could mean that Bruce Wayne is only Batman on Earth-38, therefore, that’s where Kate Kane would be, as Batwoman. A BATWOMAN series would then also take place primarily on Earth-38. This would create the potential for some Supergirl/Batwoman team-ups in the future, as a sort of mini-crossover,  akin to the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover.

Arrowverse Crossover: Justice League on TV!

Take into account all of the different heroes that have already been confirmed: Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Batwoman, Superman. Then add some of the potential others: Vibe, Killer Frost, Elongated Man, Guardian, Martian Manhunter, (maybe Batman?). Basically, we have a really cool Justice League-type scenario on television, which is basically what the crossovers are now. The last one has all of the heroes fighting their Nazi doppelgangers. However, adding Superman and Batwoman will certainly up the epic and cool factors.

However, there are lots of questions that remain.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from DC

What might they be facing? Is there trouble in Gotham City? Is Batman missing? Are we finally going to get a Crisis?

While the plot details are still up in the air, most of it will be an introduction to Batwoman. We’ll see her personality, her skills, and her ability to be a hero. Maybe the crossover will be her origin? We’ll see. In any case, I certainly can’t wait for the Arrowverse to begin their new seasons.

Update: 10/16/18

Looks like we’ve got some more info on what we can expect for this year’s Arrowverse Crossover! We now know that the crossover will be titled ELSEWORLDS. If that sounds familiar to any DC fans, that’s because ELSEWORLDS is the branding for stories that are outside of the DC continuity, such as the RED SON superman comic story.

Arrowverse Crossover
Image from the CW

What this means is that it’s very likely that we could be seeing a variety of different universes/worlds with different changes to what we know. For instance, the new banner the CW released shows Barry as the Green Arrow and Oliver as The Flash. Maybe that will be one story. Some set photos courtesy of Stephen Amell reveal Flash actor Grant Gustin and himself wearing the same biker-type outfits. Maybe that’s another.

Another photo sees Superman wearing a black version of his iconic suit. Maybe we’ll see a dark Superman story. Maybe Batwoman will be another and that’s the one that just so happens to become a series. Who knows? Maybe each episode could be a separate ELSEWORLDS story that does not affect the Arrowverse continuity? The signs are starting to point in that direction. What do you think will happen in the crossover? Let us know in the comments below and keep checking in for more updates!

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The Arrowverse returns on the CW this October 9th! Watch the new trailer here!

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