The Arrowverse is back! More than that Greg Berlanti and co have added another superhero to the CW with g. While BLACK LIGHTNING isn’t technically in the Arrowverse (yet), we thought it only right to preview its next episode “LaWanda: The Book of Hope.” So here is everything happening on the Arrowverse in its 11th week this season.

SUPERGIRL: “Fort Rozz”

Reign (Odette Annable) suffered a defeat against the Legion of Superheroes and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) in SUPERGIRL’s last episode. Reign still has a few tricks up her sleeves now that she is teaming up with Thomas Coville (Chad Lowe). Coville plans to help her recruit new allies in her war against the Girl of Steel.

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Reign isn’t the only one making new friends. In Episode 11 “Fort Rozz,” Supergirl is leading a mission to Fort Rozz in space. On that space, craft exists a prisoner with information on how to defeat Reign. To break into Fort Rozz, Supergirl teams up with Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson) and the two recruit former enemies, Livewire (Brit Morgan) and Psi (Yael Groblas).

It’s extremely exciting to see SUPERGIRL bring back villains that haven’t appeared this whole season.  Moreover, hopefully, this episode will see much more complexity added to Saturn Girl’s personality. I look forward to seeing Supergirl and Saturn Girl learn to work together. Make sure to check out the episode on Monday at 8PM EST on The CW!

THE FLASH: “The Elongated Knight Rises”

In the mid-season premiere of THE FLASH Barry (Grant Gustin) was sentenced to life in Iron Heights Prison. Since Barry worked for the CCPD, many of the other inmates appear to be harassing him. As Barry laments his new life inside his cell, Axel Walker (Devon Graye), aka. Trickster 2.0, begins to terrorize Central City! Based on the trailer, it seems that Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gets captured by the Trickster. So that means it’s up to Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) to save him and the citizens of Central City.

However, it seems that Ralph is nervous about being unable to be the hero Central City needs. Once again Barry must take the role of a mentor and encourage Ralph rise to the challenge. Although, in the trailer, it appears that the two men are talking in Barry’s cell while a prison riot occurs in the background.

What could have caused this riot? How long will Barry remain in Iron Heights Prison? Will Ralph finally get his superhero codename? Make sure you stay tuned to THE FLASH this Tuesday at 8 PM EST on The CW!

BLACK LIGHTNING: “LaWanda: The Book of Hope”

BLACK LIGHTNING ep. 102 is titled “LaWanda: The Book of Hope.” The community seems convinced that Black Lightning (Cress Williams) has returned, and it looks as though Jefferson is has made his choice, saying in the episode promo that “Black Lightning is back.”

It appears as though Black Lightning will confront LaLa (William Catlett) and his gang. His ex-wife Lynn (Christine Adams) warns him that he knows how this will end, most likely poorly.

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At the end of the incredible season premiere, we saw Jefferson’s oldest daughter Anissa (Nafessa Williams) developing powers of her own.  Will we see her continue to use those powers? Will Jefferson’s identity be revealed to his daughters? What did Tobias Whale (Marv “Krondon” Jones III) mean when he said that he killed Black Lightning?  Check out BLACK LIGHTNING’s “LaWanda: The Book of Hope”  this Tuesday 9PM EST on The CW!

ARROW: “We Fall”

ARROW Season 6 ep. 11 is titled “We Fall.” This episode will see Cayden James (Michael Emerson) escalating his plans to control the city, and Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) original team feeling hopeless, unsure where he will strike next. Judging by the episode promo, it looks as though Oliver’s son William (Jack Moore) will be caught in the middle of the chaos as well.

In the promo, it looks as though Cayden will be trying to take control of the city by disrupting the city’s infrastructure such as with elevators, hospitals, and bridges. One shot shows William trapped in a bus with explosions nearby.

Does this mean that William could very well discover that Oliver has broken his promise and has returned to being the Green Arrow? Cayden also gets face to face with Oliver in the promo, saying that all of this is for him, to “make him suffer.” Hopefully, we might get some indication as to whether or not James has a personal motivation for trying to bring the Green Arrow down. Watch ARROW this Thursday night at 9PM EST.

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Tell us what you thought of “Fort Rozz,” “The Elongated Knight Rises,” “LaWanda: The Book of Hope,” and “We Fall” in the comments!

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