ARROW Season 7 is now on the CW! The premiere was this week, titled INMATE 4587, providing a look at what Team Arrow has been doing since all the craziness that went down in the Season 6 finale. Here’s a breakdown of the ARROW Season 7 premiere.

Last Season Recap

Last season saw Team Arrow facing forces from all fronts. Whether it was the FBI investigating Oliver and his allies attempting to gain evidence of their vigilante lives, the vengeful hacker Cayden James, or the season’s ultimate big bad, Ricardo Diaz. In the season 6 finale, Team Arrow works with the FBI to take down Diaz in exchange for immunity. After they foil his plans, Oliver (Stephen Amell) faces Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) on a rooftop. Diaz survives a surprise attack from Black Siren, who blasts him off the roof and into the river below.

Arrow Season 7
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In the aftermath, Team Arrow learns that there is a crucial part of the FBI deal they were unaware of, save Oliver. In exchange for the FBI’s assistance and immunity, Oliver must give himself up. The season’s end sees Oliver officially being outed as the Green Arrow to the city, and being sent to Slabside Maximum Security Prison.

ARROW Season 7: Synopsis

The episode begins with Diaz chasing Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and William, Oliver’s son. William runs off, but Diaz shoots Felicity. At that moment, Oliver wakes up from this nightmare in his cell at Slabside. A guard bids him good morning and that it’s a beautiful day. He refers to Oliver by his prisoner ID: 4587.

ARROW Season 7
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We see Oliver go through his daily routine in prison: working out, eating alone, avoiding those he once put away as the Green Arrow such as Sampson, Brick, and Bronze Tiger. After going to bed and waking up the next day, he gets the same greeting from the guard. After the opening title card, a fellow prisoner approaches Oliver in the courtyard, asking for his protection. Oliver declines. At the next meal, a group of inmates attacks Oliver.

After a moment, the guards save Oliver before the other inmates kill him. Next, we see Star City at night, and a businessman on the phone is shot in the hand by an arrow. Someone is impersonating the Green Arrow.

ARROW Season 7: Team Arrow’s New Status Quo

Diggle meets with Oliver, who has been in Slabside for about 5 months. He tells Oliver that Felicity and William are safe in Witness Protection due to Diaz still being at large. Dinah’s working as the police captain, and Rene is teaching boxing classes in the Glades. Sampson and Brick are angry that their third man is in solitary after their fight in the mess hall. They tell Oliver to join their crew or they’ll hurt Felicity and William.

ARROW Season 7
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Felicity is working under a false name at a coffee shop. She sees the report about the Green Arrow’s possible comeback. Dinah and Rene meet with Curtis and Diggle to get an identity of the new Green Arrow as well the criminal connections the businessman he shot might have.

When Oliver refuses to join Brick and Sampson, they begin the beat the man who asked Oliver for protection. Oliver does not intervene, wanting to keep his head down so he can be with his family as soon as he can. While Dinah wants to arrest the new Green Arrow, Rene does not. He asks her not to arrest him, but she gathers her police anyway to intercept him. The prisoner who got attacked asks Oliver why he wouldn’t help him. After Oliver tells him about his family, he asks Oliver if he ever thought that he might have a family as well.

He tells Oliver that he shouldn’t even be in Slabside, as he was wrongly accused of murder. He says that there’s no more justice in the city and that it’s good there’s a new Green Arrow. The old one is coward. Oliver leaves.

ARROW Season 7: Diaz Attacks For Real

Dinah has her forces waiting at an arms deal the businessman is having, waiting until the new Green Arrow arrives. Once he does, he turns the lights off, and shoots the businessman, telling him that he’s failed the city. He escapes the police, and Dinah sees Rene as Wild Dog up above.

ARROW Season 7
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The next day Felicity wakes up and is attacked by Diaz. He tells her that he’s hired men to hurt Oliver in prison. And they do. They beat on him and tell him that his wife is dead. However, Argus arrives in time and Diaz escapes leaving Felicity and William unharmed. Felicity meets Oliver in prison and tells him she’s sending William to a boarding school. Oliver wants her to go back in Witness Protection, but she refuses. She says she needs to fight.

ARROW Season 7
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Rene gets new boxing equipment. Also, several of the nearby shops received anonymous donations that conveniently all add up to the amount present at the arms deal. Dinah knows it was Rene who took the money and tells him that if she sees him as Wild Dog again, she’ll arrest him.

Felicity meets with William and tells him she’ll always be able to find him even though she’s sending him away.

In the prison courtyard, Oliver goes to the men who attacked him and beats the crap out of them. He beats one of them down with a heavyweight with a pretty strong message: I’m the Green Arrow, do not mess with me or my family. He’s done keeping his head down.

ARROW SEASON 7: A Surprise Ending

The episode ends with the new Green Arrow marking the businessman’s name off a list of names, a la Season 1 Hood style.

ARROW Season 7
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Lastly, we see a young man arriving on Lian Yu, the island where Oliver became the Green Arrow. The Green Arrow confronts him and demands to know who sent him. The young man says no one and that he knew his father, Oliver Queen. The Green Arrow then recognizes him as William. He takes his hood off and it’s a much older Roy Harper than when we last saw him. The final scene is a 20-year flash-forward.

ARROW SEASON 7: The New Green Arrow

So who’s under the mask? It can’t be Oliver, as he’s is in prison. Also, this new Arrow seems much more lethal, similar to how Oliver was when he first began his vigilante career.

Is it Roy? Based on that flash-forward, it could be. He’s dressed as the Green Arrow in that scene. Also, previous seasons see Roy taking on the Green Arrow mantle from time to time to cover for Oliver.

ARROW Season 7
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Could it be someone altogether new? Maybe just someone who is inspired by the Green Arrow and wants to fill the void? Maybe. Where did the list come from though? Maybe it’s Tommy Merlin and he’s not as dead as we think? That’d be awesome in my opinion.

ARROW SEASON 7: Easter Eggs

While this episode did not have nearly as much easter eggs as the FLASH Season 5 premiere, there were still some good ones. Firstly, we have Derek Sampson, Bronze Tiger, and Brick. All were villains from previous episodes that Oliver put away. The prison itself, Slabside, is a notable prison from DC comics.

ARROW Season 7
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After that, there’s a good easter egg where the book Oliver has in his cell is The Count of Monte Cristo. That book’s plot involves a prison break so…foreshadowing? Perhaps.

ARROW Season 7: Overall

Overall, I think that the ARROW Season 7 premiere did a decent job of setting the stage for the rest of the season. There’s plenty of entertaining dynamics to enjoy, and plenty of questions that need answering as we go forward. I will say that this season’s opener provides a feel that this season is almost like a Part 2 to last season’s plot. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as the story is compelling enough. So far: I think it is.

What did you think of the ARROW Season 7 premiere? Let us know in the comments below.

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ARROW airs Mondays 8/7c on the CW.

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