A big challenge facing the comic book industry is the struggle for the audience to recognize the amount of work that goes into a comic.  With so few pages in a comic book, it is no surprise that few people realize that what takes ten minutes to read took about a month to create.  With so much work and effort poured into the final product, it is a shame that the average comic enthusiast doesn’t notice the details and depth that the artists and authors add to their works of art and literature.

The point of view that ComicsVerse takes- that comics are art and should be viewed as such- is not a new one, but thanks to the age of the internet, it is a movement and a thought process that is spreading wider than ever.  At Special Edition: NYC 2015, ComicsVerse was fortunate to become acquainted with an ally in this quest.  Arlen Schumer has been spreading the word about comic book art since the silver age of comics.  With an accomplished art background himself, Schumer has made it a personal quest to bring to the world’s attention the value of the work that comic book artists have contributed to a medium that is only beginning to be taken as seriously as it deserves.

With an impressive history himself, Schumer is no stranger to the stage or the page.  He’s spoken at Comic Cons around the country and has published an in-depth analysis of the Silver Age.  It’s quite an impressive book, and one which, thanks to Arlen Schumer, has been added to the ComicsVerse Archives for our future reference.  It was excellent to have the opportunity to speak with a scholar such as Schumer, and we’re sure that you’ll find his words to be invaluable.

For more from Arlen Schumer, a true comic academic, check out the interview above!


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