Caution: Spoilers Ahead

Arkham Asylum has been destroyed and the city is struggling to find a place for the inmates. At
first Major Hady puts all of the inmates in a football stadium, this does not bode well the citizens
of Gotham or its neighboring cities. Major Hady decides to put the Arkham inmates in the only
location that can contain so many people, Wayne Manor.

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Due to Bruce losing his family’s fortune he no longer lives or owns Wayne Manor, so it is free for
the city to use as their new asylum. Being Batman, he took all the necessary precautions to make
sure that none of the inmates or workers will ever find the Batcave. Bruce feels that his father, if
he were alive, would do the same if the city was in a state of emergency. But he is obviously not
happy that his former home is now overrun with insane people. The fact that Batman vocally
expressed his dislike for the situation makes him more relatable as a human being instead of a
benevolent superhero. Bruce and Alfred are staying at an apartment in the city where Bruce
continues his “nightly activities”. On one night Alfred informs Bruce that something terrible has
happened at Arkham Manor. On his way there Bruce realizes that Wayne Manor was also
Alfred’s home as well, he doesn’t say it out loud but I sense he feels guilty for not fighting
harder for the rights to Wayne Manor.

Upon arrival the artist draws a split frame of Bruce as a young boy entering his house and one of
Batman in present day discovering that there was a murder at the Manor. On his way there the
artist has several scenes of Bruce in his youth living in the Manor, growing up and becoming the
Batman. These scenes were relevant to the reader understanding what must be going on in
Batman’s head, Wayne manor was his home and now it is being tainted by the blood of the
insane. Realizing that he won’t be able to figure out from the outside who is killing the Arkham
inmates, Batman takes it upon himself to become a resident at Arkham Manor. Alfred manages
to get a recently deceased man’s identity and Bruce is able to take it so he can find out who is the
murderer in Arkham Manor. This involves Arkham inmates; that is easier said than done!

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