GREEN LANTERNS #52 continues "Evil's Might with a much stronger entry than previous issues. The new art team improves tremendously, and Dan Jurgens tells a much stronger story.
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GREEN LANTERNS #52 continues “Evil’s Might” with the best chapter thus far. Writer Dan Jurgens gives his story some real juice and some much-needed hints towards the big bad. The new art team of Marco Santucci and Hi-Fi are right behind, eliminating the muddy look of previous issues.

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Gremlin in the Ring

The issue begins with a monologue about the weakness of the Lanterns (their dependence on their ring). It’s a good start since we finally start getting a sense of what’s been causing all the problems during this storyline. However, that fades way quickly, as we join the Lanterns in a huge space battle.

GREEN LANTERNS #52 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The new art team shines in this panel. It has all the epic feel of STAR WARS with bright colors and crisp lines. Everything looks sharper and more defined, which is a welcome change. The Lanterns press on the attack, as they realize the trouble is being caused by their old enemies, the Ravagers. However, the Lantern rings continue to malfunction, and Baz gets a false command to attack. It’s a good way to show how the miscommunications continue to plague the Lanterns, but also sow more seeds of distrust between Baz and Cruz.

Things aren’t going any better on Mogo, as the Guardians don’t understand why John Stewart was so badly injured despite his ring. They attempt to use the Central Power Battery to contact the other Lanterns, but even that doesn’t work. Again, Jurgens makes an effective demonstration of just how far this infection has spread in a much stronger fashion than before.

Issues Remain

The story shifts again though, as we visit Hal Jordan resting on an alien planet. It makes sense to see Hal since this conflict is big enough to involve the whole Corps. but it shows Jurgens hasn’t yet conquered all his difficulties with this storyline. Jurgens still focuses more on the Corps as a whole, instead of just Baz and Cruz. However, this does work here, as Hal receives word of the alien conflict. It’s also interesting since Hal created his own ring from his willpower, so he might not be affected like the other Lanterns. Meanwhile, the battle continues to rage. The art team shows they still have their own issues to overcome, as Kilowog still looks… well, not right. He’s been depicted three different times in this series, and all the artists seem to struggle with his facial protrusions.

GREEN LANTERNS #52 page 12. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

That’s a minor quibble though, as Eon reappears and Baz fights Ravagers alone on their ship. Both battles are full of excitement, but Eon’s battle gets the most attention once Hal shows up. He holds the new foe temporarily, and rages over the death of native Lantern Penelops (all the Lanterns seem to love this guy. Makes you wish we’d seen more of the squid before his death). Guy Gardner deals with Eon while the other Lanterns search for Baz. More conflicting ring messages sow distrust among Baz and Cruz (though it’s too little too late for any new developments between them in this issue). The false instructions tell Baz to leave, as the entity in the ring gloats over what it’s been able to do thus far.

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Final Thoughts on GREEN LANTERNS #52

GREEN LANTERNS #52 is the issue we’ve been waiting for. Jurgens finally seems ready to tackle the Lanterns after two issues that were slow and plodding. He gives some much-needed clues here, and manages to generate interest in his storyline. He still needs to refocus on Cruz and Baz, instead of the whole Corps, but that may improve later on. The art team is finally killing it again, dragging itself out of the murky waters of previous issues. There are still problems on both sides, but this is the first time I’ve enjoyed GREEN LANTERNS since Jurgens took over as the writer. Hopefully, this will continue in the next issue as he continues to find his footing in the Green Lantern universe.

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