Grab your senpai and personal samurai, it’s time for Anime Boston once more. The biggest Anime-centric convention in the northeast is still going strong in its 14th year. From March 25 to the 27th the Boston Area will gain a whole new demographic to its populace: passionate nerds loaded with foam swords, neon wigs, and eye-widening contact lenses.

However, this is not just a convention for geeking out, but for giving back as well. This year Anime Boston will have multiple events and activities throughout the weekend to help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis. These charity opportunities include a weekend long raffle, an auction, and a charity ball Saturday night. These events that will be put on by the Central New England Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. All profits will go to benefit the activities of the society nationwide.

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In addition to all this charitable fun, there are a plethora of panels you won’t want to miss out on! Here are the top 3 panels that we at ComicsVerse think are worth checking out!

1. STUDIO TRIGGER’s Latest Show

There are some anime studios that become brand names – be it PRODUCTION I.G, BONES, or KYOTO ANINIMATION. When you see one of their names are attached to an anime, you have some expectation that it is going to be good. STUDIO TRIGGER is no exception to that rule with its own unique take on the medium which such works as KILL LA KILL, KIZNAIVER, and their latest project SPACE PATROL LULUCO.

While little is known about TRIGGER’s latest project, lucky con-goers who can make it to STUDIO TRIGGER’s panel this Saturday at 12:30 will hopefully be able to figure it out. The 60-minute panel, hosted by TRIGGER writer and director Hiromi Wakabayashi and will feature a sneak peek of their latest anime creation! You can find the event in Panel Room 1 at the Sheraton.

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2. YOUR LIE IN APRIL Live Draw and Discussion Panel

There are a few animes that take the fandom by storm quite like YOUR LIE IN APRIL did. A tale of young love, music, and pain (no spoilers here!) – this gradually animated show garnered worldwide attention and has even secured it’s own live action movie.

Did you love the show and want to know how this manga became the stunning show you came to love? Well, come on by to Panel room 2 in the Sheraton at 3:00 on Friday to see YOUR LIE IN APRIL Director Kyohei Ishiguro discuss the show and answers questions while Character Artist Yukiko Aikei draws some of the characters from the show live!

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3. Sit Back and Relax With ONE PUNCH MAN

Con going can be exhausting. The crowds, the lines, the dreariness of convention center carpeting. It will be a long (but fun!) weekend, so don’t forget to take some time to take a load off. We recommend using that down time to sit down, and laugh with your friends at the always entertaining antics of MADHOUSE’s latest show ONE PUNCH MAN. There will be dual viewings of ONE PUNCH MAN on Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM in Room Video HD 312 in Hynes.

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