At Wizard World Philadelphia 2016, ComicsVerse’s Chris Massari got to sit down with artist and colorist Andrew Harmon. Harmon is fairly new to the game, as he currently does not work in comics full-time, but he hopes to make a career out of it in the future.

In the video, Harmon talks about how he got his start: he always loved comics and remembers how ecstatic he was to find out that people color for a living. Harmon had been searching through Dan Schoening’s Deviant Art page. After Harmon contacted Schoening about coloring one of his photos, the two began to collaborate. This developed into a working relationship, which got Harmon some work on THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS series for IDW.

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If you were to head to his website or DeviantArt page, you will see art filled with colorful characters that jump off the page. He has worked on nearly everything when it comes to portraits: GAME OF THRONES, CAPTAIN AMERICA, DEADPOOL, X-MEN, BATGIRL, CAPTAIN MARVEL and more. One of his personal favorites is his design of the Super Friends that he did with Dan Schoening; the two worked tirelessly on weekends for a month to get the coloring just perfect—you can see the finished product in the above video.

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Currently, he still works a full-time job but hopes that eventually he can support his wife and kids by coloring. His page is filled with collaborations with other pencilers, so he is certainly liked in the industry. Also, with his recent credit on THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS series—which he admits put a tear in his eye—the possibilities are certainly endless. For the latest news, reviews and videos, keep checking back at ComicsVerse.

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