Special Edition: NYC 2014 Comic-Con: This Amy Reeder interview discusses her art for various publishers. Amy Reeder provides art for comics from different publishers. Her DC Comics credits currently include BATWOMAN and SUPERGIRL.

WATCH: Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare interviewed at New York Comic Con 2016

Additionally, Amy Reeder also works with Image Comics. She frequently co-creates and works with Brandon Montclare. As a duo, they are most of all known for Image Comics’ ROCKET GIRL.

Furthermore, in this Amy Reeder interview, we learn Amy penciled other works such as TEEN TITANS, HOUSE OF MYSTERY, GHOSTS, and FOOL’S GOLD. FOOL’S GOLD is a comic Amy also wrote for!

Finally, Amy talks about what makes her tick as an artist. She discusses her writing and who her inspirations are!

Amy Reeder Interview: First More About ROCKET GIRL!

ROCKET GIRL, from Image Comics, follows a teenage girl from a high-tech future sent back to 1986 New York City. As a result of investigating, she discovers her future high-tech reality seems it should never have existed from the start. Consequently, someone or something may have altered the timeline.

Amy Reeder, the Cover Artist

While working in comics, Amy Reeder built up a solid reputation in comics as an amazing cover artist. She worked on covers like MILES MORALES: ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN, HARBINGER, and HALLOWEEN EVE.

Amy Reeder as Writer

In conclusion, not only does Amy create art, she also writes! She wrote for FOOL’S GOLD in 2006. Soon, she begins writing for Marvel Comics. MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR will be Amy’s first work for the publisher.

Eisner Award Nominee

The Eisner Awards twice nominated Amy for her art. First, she was nominated for Vertigo’s MADAME XANADU for covert art. Her next nomination also happened in 2009. Amy’s second nomination happened in the same year for Vertigo’s MADAME XANADU for best penciling and inking team with Richard Friend.

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