Writer Gabby Rivera has truly excelled in leading the first solo series for a Latin superhero from Marvel Comics. The latest issue in AMERICA explores our titular hero’s origins. Interestingly, AMERICA #7 proves that America Chavez’ origins go beyond her own life. As she explores the Ancestral Plane with her grandmother, America comes to realize that her identity is tied with elements of the multiverse itself. AMERICA #7 is an outstanding issue that brings another layer of depth to this refreshing hero.

america #7
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Always Go Forward

AMERICA #7 commences with a depiction of the birth of America’s ancestors. Their origins stem from the union of the spirits Berraca and Sanar. With this, the issue embodies mythical elements that enhance the intrigue of America’s character. The portrayal of the spirits assists in signifying the series’ emphasis on family. The pull of family ties empowers America further and strengthens her sense of purpose.

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The sequences in which America expresses grief towards the loss of her mothers exemplify her humanity. Sure, she embodies otherworldly influences; her ancestors derive from the union of spirits, and she maintains the ability to enter metaphysical space and witness history. Despite this though, her nature remains grounded in Earth, establishing her character as one readers can relate to and identify with. Along with this, it appears as though America’s humanity maintains some naivety because of her young age. She certainly seems to be close with her grandmother. However, she also doubts her grandmother’s actions in leaving her and her family when America was quite young. America comes to learn though that her grandmother made that difficult decision in an effort to watch over and protect America from La Legion. Unfortunately, America still feels angry and returns to her home of Sotomayor University to clear her thoughts.

Among the many highlights of this issue is the juxtaposition of America’s personal frustrations with the flashbacks to her birth that exhibit hopefulness. Of course, family is a primary theme of this issue that expertly reads through every subtle aspect of the narrative. So, once again, Gabby Rivera provides readers with an engaging plot that will truly immerse you in the world of America Chavez.

america #7
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The World of AMERICA #7

The palette of AMERICA #7 is bright and chromatic, making the world of America Chavez its own living entity. Thanks to Jen Bartel, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Jordan Gibson, the colors of AMERICA #7 shine through and engross the reader. With this, America’s character truly comes to life through the fantastical nature of this entry’s artwork, an aspect that emphasizes her mystical influences. The illustrations throughout the issue perfectly intertwine with the narrative, enhancing its poignancy and overall significance to understanding America as both a hero and an individual. Thus, the collaborations between the colorists as well as artists Ming Doyle, Audrey Koch, Joe Quinones, and Joe Rivera truly breathe life into this issue.

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Perhaps the most impressive artistic aspect of this issue is the depiction of Berraca and Sanar’s love story, shown below. The panels are truly beautiful and captivating, paralleling their imagery with America’s origins. The art by Jen Bartel in this sequence is particularly impressive. Because of this, I hope to see more of her work in future issues of this fantastic series.

marvel #7
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Destiny That Awaits

AMERICA #7 is a superb entry in a superb series. With a beautiful narrative being supported by some captivating artwork, the series has certainly made its mark. It will be interesting to see what becomes of America Chavez, particularly since she has found herself at an interesting crossroads. Will she continue to find herself doubting her family, or will she restore her faith? A decision will certainly need to be made soon as the conclusion of this issue implies that a threat is coming for Miss America.

AMERICA #7 by Gabby Rivera, Ming Doyle, Audrey Koch, Jen Bartel, Joe Quinones, & Annie Wu
AMERICA #7 presents the titular hero with profound depth that is paralleled by some exquisite artwork.
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