Raising a kid in New York is tough enough when you don’t have a job that can pay the rent. It’s even harder when your kid has spidey senses just like you! Triple that when your wife also has a knack for crime-fighting! AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 is a fantastic revisit to the alternate reality that Dan Slott and Adam Kubert introduced to us last year. Helming the narrative this time around are writer Gerry Conway and artist Ryan Stegman.

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In this issue, we get a new look at the Parker family, one that has them all donning their own Spidey-suits. That’s right; Mary Jane and Annie are joining Peter’s fight against New York City baddies!


Conway starts off strong in this story by giving us a distracted Peter Parker as he’s fighting one of his old school villains: the Scorpion. What distracts him is something we don’t quite get from many heroes: everyday family issues. This introduction is perfect at showing readers that in this universe, dad issues come first for Peter Parker. Seeing Peter struggle to remember what’s on his grocery list as he fights crime is hilarious and relatable because, honestly, who ever remembers to get pancake mix if you forget to write a list?

What makes this issue such a strong start is the level of heart that Conway pours into these characters. He gives us a portrayal of a fictional family that truly feels real. Though they may be super, it’s not a story primarily about their powers; it’s about Peter, Mary Jane, and Annie. During breakfast, Peter makes pancakes while listening to Annie talk about her friend Billy’s light up shoes. Mary Jane pours herself some coffee and talks about how sometimes they can both really get on her nerves. In fact, the only time we even see something “super” happen is when Annie uses her enhanced reflexes to catch a pancake Peter overly flipped. By making them talk about what groceries are needed, of what type of snack Speedy the turtle needs, Conway writes some authentic family-style conversation between these characters.


At no point did I find it difficult to believe that this is Peter Parker and MJ are going through parenthood. This is because Peter always seemed like the goofy dad with awkward jokes and Mary Jane always seemed to be loving and protective. Conway gave us the characters we already love but added a familial twist. Peter’s smart-mouthed responses to villains are still there, but they are also followed by thoughts about his family and their well-being.

The always hilarious J. Jonah Jameson also makes an appearance, which leads to one of the best moments in this issue. After trying to sell some pictures Jameson, Peter goes into an explanation of his new camera technique. The way Conway writes this scene is such a prime example of the inner dialogue that Peter is known for. I won’t spoil it for anyone because this moment alone is definitely worth checking out.


Ryan Stegman also does a fantastic job of bringing these characters to the page with his artwork. The Parker family looks stunning in their Spidey-suits, even though we only get a brief look in this issue. His ability to show the concern on Peter and MJ’s faces is spot on. When they hear loud crashing noises coming from Annie’s room, we see their eyes shoot open. Stegman follows this concern with beautifully illustrated looks of calm when they realize she’s okay. Their emotions are shown through the looks that Mary Jane and Peter give each other; nicely drawn relief.

Although Annie likely will be a key character in this series, we haven’t gotten an extensive look at her just yet. Considering this is just the first issue, I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of her development as well as the relationship she has with her parents.

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The combination of Stegman’s extremely detailed art and Conway’s hysterical writing sets the tone for what we can continue to expect from the Parkers and their run-ins with criminals. I absolutely loved Conway’s dialogue, mainly because it felt so natural. Sometimes families interrupt each other or hold multiple conversations at once. Conway brings this to life in a way that still makes reading this issue a fluid experience. Stegman’s art was something I really enjoyed digging into as well. His ability to tell stories with the images alone is seriously impressive. I was able to see that J. Jonah was a little off his game by simply looking at the state of his office. It’s his attention to the littlest details, such as the arc of the pancakes or the spiral of Peter’s webs, made the issue even more enjoyable.


I’m excited to see how Conway develops this crime fighting, web-slinging family throughout the rest of the series. I wouldn’t be surprised if this narrative becomes one of the most memorable stories of this year!

What we’re your thoughts on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS: #1? How will the Parker family handle having to work together? Add your thoughts and comments below!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: RENEW YOUR VOWS #1 by Gerry Conway and Ryan Stegman
A great start for the Parker Family crime fighting trio. Conway and Stegman produce a beautifully drawn story with plenty of funny family dialogue. This issue will leave you wanting more great exploits from Team Spidey.
93 %
Fantastic Introduction
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