AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 is finally here! I don’t know about you all, but I have been eagerly awaiting this issue. The suspense has actually been killing me. This is the first Marvel comic to reach 800 issues, and boy is it a good one! It’s 80 action-packed pages of explosive, web-headed goodness!

Any uncertainty you may have had about the “Go Down Swinging” arc should go right out the window after reading AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800. This milestone issue capitalizes on every single one of its 80 pages. For a while, I wasn’t sure how this arc would end, but writer Dan Slott definitely exceeded my expectations. It’s a supremely satisfying ending.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 pulls absolutely zero punches. It is cover-to-cover excitement as Spidey finishes the fight with the Red Goblin. For the first time in years, Spidey dons the black suit. On top of that, there are surprise appearances from every corner of Spider-Man’s world. And, sadly, someone very close to Peter won’t make it out alive.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 also features one of the best milestone issue artistic teams ever. Dan Slott teams up with artists Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marcos Martin, and Nick Bradshaw. Not a single page of this issue fails to impress.

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There’s a lot to digest in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800, so let’s get down to it.

It’s a little tricky to discuss this issue without getting into light spoilers, so here’s your warning. If you want a final verdict, head straight to the end of this review.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800: The Proper Way to Do a Milestone

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 bounces from place to place very rapidly, but it’s never tough to follow the story. Everything flows seamlessly. It opens where AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #799 left off, with Spidey’s allies all down for the count. Pete rushes off to grab some Anti-Venom serum, but unfortunately the Goblin gets to it first and destroys it.

This quickly leads into the Goblin heading to pay Mary Jane a visit. Luckily, Jameson called in the help of Venom. For the briefest of moments, we get a Red Goblin/Venom showdown. It doesn’t last too long, but it’s worth it to see Venom and “Carnage” go head-to-head again.

After Venom is defeated, Peter reluctantly takes the Venom symbiote and dons the black suit. It’s just as awesome as you might imagine.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 page 21. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The story quickly cuts between those moments and scenes with Aunt May. Here, the infected Normie Osborn attempts to kill her, but she’s saved by the Superior Octopus. I was absolutely not expecting to see him in this issue. Jameson also makes an appearance, controlling a suit of Spider-Slayer armor. The two are eventually defeated, though, once the Red Goblin shows up.

Family drama between Norman, Harry, and Liz Allen ensues, and finally, we get to witness the showdown between black suit Spider-Man and the Red Goblin. This basically takes up the rest of the issue, and it’s absolutely spectacular. It’s just about everything you could hope for in a final showdown between Spidey and his arch nemesis. As previously mentioned, someone very close to Spider-Man falls during this, but I won’t say who. Let’s just say, though, that this death is what fuels Pete straight to the end.

A Well-Earned Victory

The conclusion of “Go Down Swinging” leaves Peter Parker with a handful of new scars, both physical and emotional. As a matter of fact, so too do most of the characters in this story. A funeral is held for the fallen, goodbyes are said, and Peter and Jameson seem to make amends. Peter leaves us with a nice little soliloquy of what it means to be a hero, and the issue concludes.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 page 73. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Should you pick up a copy, make sure you read after the credits (get it?). There’s a little something extra that points to a big future for one of Spidey’s greatest adversaries.

A Story Built on Redemption

The structure and pacing of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 are perfect. The issue delivers more than its fair share of emotional gut punches and keeps you on your toes throughout. One of the best parts of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800, though, is how it sends many characters on paths of redemption.

For a while now, Venom has been on the mend. He’s been acting out in a more positive light, even after reuniting with Eddie Brock. The symbiote has come a long way, so much so that Spider-Man has apparently reconciled his qualms with it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 page 45. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

This is also the beginning of perhaps yet another redemption arc for Doctor Octopus. I was worried about his resurrection during “The Clone Conspiracy”; this was a Doc Ock who hadn’t gone through the entire experience of being Spider-Man. But, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 appears to be the start of something new for Doc Ock, and I’m excited to see the character continue to grow in the future.

Jameson probably has the strongest redemption arc of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800. His entire goal during this issue is to make amends for what he did to Peter. But, repeatedly, Peter disregards him and passes him up. However, Jameson doesn’t falter. By the end of this issue, it seems that he and Peter are on more stable ground with each other. Jameson has always been a great character in Peter Parker’s world, and he’ll undoubtedly continue grow moving forward.

Artistic Bliss

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 features a cast of fantastic artists, all whom have drawn Spider-Man before. Some are more recent, and some haven’t drawn Spidey in a while. Regardless of who’s doing the drawing, there’s nothing but beautiful pages in this issue.

I’m glad Nick Bradshaw had the chance to be a part of this milestone issue. His intro pages act as a pleasant lead-in for the rest of the issue. Their bright and very emotive. Bradshaw perfectly draws Jameson wearing a shit-eating grin.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 page 4. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

When I heard Humberto Ramos would be drawing pages for this issue, my heart soared. Ramos is one of my favorite artists. His style is flashy and incredibly unique; it basically belongs in Spider-Man books. Ramos had the honor of giving us that first great look at Spidey in the black suit once more, and it certainly doesn’t fail to impress.

I was very okay when Giuseppe Camuncoli was swapped out for Stuart Immonen. However, I definitely realize now why Camuncoli is really one of the best artists to ever draw Spider-Man. When his pages stand side-by-side with other artists, you really grow to appreciate his simple yet highly energetic style.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 page 40. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

As always, Stuart Immonen delivers pitch-perfect pages. He drew what is probably my favorite moment of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800: Spider-Man and the Goblin both remove their symbiotes in a visual style that is almost identical, but a thematic style that is completely asymmetrical.

Marcos Martin had the great honor of concluding AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800. His style is classical and elegant, which is exactly what a milestone issue such as this one deserves. Luckily, we’ll be seeing even more of Martin in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #801.

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The Culmination of Dan Slott’s Work

Though this isn’t his final issue writing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 feels very much like the culmination of Dan Slott’s work with the web-slinger. The conclusion of the “Go Down Swinging” arc is reminiscent of the conclusion to SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN or “Dying Wish”.

Slott is responsible for some of the coolest Spider-Man event stories to date. He wrote “Spider-Island,” “Spider-Verse,” and “Clone Conspiracy,” all great Spidey events (for different reasons, of course). But, when you really break down his 10 years with Peter Parker, his best work has come in the quieter events, such as “Matters of Life and Death,” “Ends of the Earth,” and “Dying Wish”.

“Go Down Swinging” is very similar to the latter three arcs. This story comes with heavy consequences and scars that will last for years. There’s a lot of thought and care put into this arc (not to say that Slott hasn’t put care into his other, more spectacular events).

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800, and the “Go Down Swinging” arc as a whole, tell a story of redemption, defeat, and overcoming the impossible. And, furthermore, it’s about moving forward, which is exactly what Peter Parker will do. He’s Spider-Man. He always finds a way.

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What’s Next?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 is an outstanding milestone. It caps off a hard-hitting Spider-Man event and is perhaps one of Dan Slott’s best AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issues to date. Sadly, it’s also one of his last. With AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #801 right around the corner, it’s time to start imagining a world without Dan Slott writing Spider-Man. Which sucks. Tremendously.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 is one of those AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issues that really makes me realize just how much I’m going to miss having Slott write Spider-Man. There’s so much to love about this issue. It concludes an awesome Spidey event and captures all of the great things about Spider-Man.

To top it all off, Slott was joined by one of the best artistic teams you could hope for. I’m so happy to have seen Camuncoli and Ramos draw Spider-Man once again. Bradshaw and Martin were great guest artists. And, with this being Immonen’s last Spidey issue (and perhaps last comic ever), I’m happy to say it’s definitely one of his best.

It’s times like these that make me proud to be a Spider-Man fan. I’m sure many other like-minded readers will agree that this issue is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Do whatever you have to do to buy and read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800. This is one issue of Spider-Man you should not miss.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 by Dan Slott, Stuart Immonen, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Marcos Martin, and Nick Bradshaw
It's not over-selling it to say that this is one of the greatest single issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN to date. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #800 succeeds on just about every level.
98 %
An Amazing Milestone!

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