Minor spoilers for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 ahead. Nothing to fret over, but you’ve been warned.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 continues the march towards “Go Down Swinging.” Writers Dan Slott and Christos Gage plant more seeds for what promises to be a groundbreaking Spider-Man event story. Like the last issue, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 is mostly filler, but it’s far more enjoyable this time around.

Mike Hawthorne takes over the artistic duties for this issue to great effect. His art, combined with the inking from Terry Pallot and colors from Marte Gracia, make this a nice issue to look at.

This issue ties up a very loose end, addressing the end of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #504. Remember when Loki offered to do Spidey a favor at the end of that issue? Well, this issue deals with that. Kind of. Regardless of that, this issue features some crazy stuff, which makes sense when you consider who’s involved.

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Spidey and Loki Team-Up!

As this issue starts, Peter’s still trying to get his life back on track. He’s got a cramped new apartment with a grouchy landlord and passive-aggressive neighbors. Furthermore, Spidey has to hitch-hike atop the subway, so he can save his web-fluid. If this all seems bleak, that’s because it is. It’s Peter Parker at his lowest, so to speak, which is a very welcome change of pace for the character. It’s also kind of funny. Seeing Spider-Man mope and freeze his ass off on top of a subway car adds some great comedic relief to an otherwise cruddy moment for Pete.

As Spidey’s looking down on his luck, Loki takes interest in “helping him out.” Really, Loki just doesn’t want Spider-Man to still have that favor from way back when. So, he calls him in for a meeting. This leads to some painful reminiscing of events for Spidey, both recent and far in the past. And, eventually, when Spidey accidentally lets a magical threat loose, it’s up to him and Loki to stop it.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 page 4. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

It’s a very basic procedure, but it’s so well written. The back-and-forth between Spider-Man and Loki is lively. Spidey cracks his usual jokes, while Loki demeans him with pompous language. The chemistry between the two is unexpected, which makes it all fairly surprising as it plays out. Not to mention, their interaction leads to some pretty insightful moments for Spidey. So, although the events don’t necessarily move things forward in a substantial way, it’s still fun to read.

The End of “Spockingbird” in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795

Apparently, when Peter and Bobbi were coming home after the events of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #794, they discovered they were sort of incompatible. As heroes, and when Parker Industries was a thing, they had tons in common, but now, not so much. So, yeah, if you were a fan of those two, tough break.

Frankly, this doesn’t come as a terrible surprise. The reasoning behind this break-up makes sense. Also, knowing Peter Parker, it should come as no surprise that his relationship ended so quickly. In recent years, Pete’s had a hard time holding down a relationship.

It’s just a bit disappointing that we don’t actually get to see the breakup and that we don’t get to see whatever amount of drama took place during it. Sure, Bobbi explains why it happened, but it feels like you’ve missed something in between issues.

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It’s abrupt, to some degree. And, again, it makes sense, but it could have been handled a bit better. Pete’s life isn’t that great as it is. If the writers really wanted to drive that point home, the actual breakup could have been saved for another issue and gotten more focus.

But, in terms of wrapping some things up, this is probably smart. It seems like Peter’s life is headed towards a breaking point. Fewer people in the crossfire will probably be a good thing.

Art to Match the Tone

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 features art from Mike Hawthorne. I suspect Stuart Immonen is prepping for the calamity of “Go Down Swinging.” But that’s fine because Hawthorne’s art is superb! It really matches the tone of what this issue seems to be going for: light-hearted fun with some serious undertones.

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There’s something about the way Hawthorne draws Spider-Man, specifically, in this issue that suggests something dark. More often than not, Spidey looks like he’s scowling. He generally seems displeased with what’s going on. And it’s not like he doesn’t emote throughout the issue. He does. But, more often than not, Spidey just looks angry. I can’t help but feel like that’s a clue to something rather than a simple creative choice.

Then again, I could just be making stuff up. It doesn’t change the fact that Hawthorne’s art in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 is awesome! Seriously, look at Spidey kicking the crap out of these magic bugs. It’s killer!

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 page 16. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Hawthorne’s art is made even better, of course, thanks to the inks from Terry Pallot and the colors from Marte Gracia. The action is explosive and bright, as it should be. Spider-Man and Loki are fighting magic bugs. It’s as outlandish as it sounds, and the art matches the nonsense perfectly.

On the note of the colors, Spidey does make a very good quip about how unmatched Loki’s color scheme is. Seriously, someone tell the DOCTOR STRANGE team to get on that.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 page 8. Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Looking Towards “Go Down Swinging”

As we learned in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #794, Norman Osborn got his hands on something extremely dangerous. Like, this is some “DEFCON super high alert cause we’re all gonna die” level stuff.

Osborn’s plans are slightly touched upon at the end of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795. It’s only the last two pages of the issue, but they’re important. They spell nothing but trouble for Spidey.

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So, as filler issues go, this is a good one. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 continues to inch us towards “Go Down Swinging” in a sensible manner. Slott and Gage understand the art of the buildup. The antics between Spider-Man and Loki are a nice distraction from the chaos that’s happening in the background. Artist Mike Hawthorne shines in this issue, alongside inker Terry Pallot and colorist Marte Gracia.

At this point, it won’t be long until that background stuff comes to the forefront. When that happens, it’ll be hell for Peter Parker.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795 by Dan Slott, Christos Gage, Mike Hawthorne, Terry Pallot, and Marte Gracia
The slow march towards "Go Down Swinging" continues in a good way with AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #795. Slott and Gage understand the art of building up an event. All of this will make the payoff so much better.
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