Hot off the presses! Read all about it! Alterna Comics are coming to a newsstand near you!

The News

Creator-owned comics publisher Alterna Comics has signed a contract with distributor PDG to circulate Alterna’s newsprint comics to newsstands nationwide. Not only will popular titles like CROAK and LILITH DARK be available at local comic shops, but also in over 300 stores starting August 1st. The bookstore chains Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million have already begun selling the publisher’s titles, with Five Below and Toys“R”Us currently in talks to join their ranks.

Alterna Comics
Image courtesy of Alterna Comics

The Alterna-PDG deal brings comics back to the newsstands, the place where comics were exclusively sold in the mid-20th century. However, the deal will in no way harm the business of local comic shops. Alterna and PDG plan to target newsstands and retailers in areas that do not have a local comic shop. Furthermore, comic issues will hit newsstands and bookstores two to three months after distributed to comic shops. Alterna’s founder Peter Simeti stresses this point:

Our newsstand expansion is just that, an expansion, it’s not meant to replace the comic shops that we’ve loved working with on this newsprint initiative — it’s only meant to bring our comics to more places, particularly to people that don’t have a comic shop in a reasonable distance from them. I strongly feel that comics need to be in a larger variety of stores and with PDG we’ll be able to do that.

Alterna Comics
Image courtesy of Alterna Comics

The Publisher

This is just another gem in a sterling year for Alterna Comics. March 9th saw Alterna successfully Kickstart their single issue comics line. With only a seven day campaign and a $5,000 goal, Alterna raised $6,903 towards publishing their single issue titles, ranging from $1.00 to $1.50, on newsprint paper. The Alterna newsprint line has been a critical and commercial success: CROAK was nominated for a 2016 Ghastly Award, THE CHAIR comic has been adapted into a motion picture, and the initial newsprint line has expanded through the addition of new titles such as DOPPELGANGER and MR. CRYPT.

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We at ComicsVerse wish to congratulate the Alterna Comics team on their continued success. Make sure to check out Alterna’s full list of wonderful titles here, and we’ll see you at the newsstands!

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