ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 by Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, and Nolan Woodard begins the “Old Woman Laura” arc. We meet our cast of characters in the near future to start one last adventure for Laura Kinney. While the story does feature the lead character dying and tying up loose ends, the story doesn’t feel sad. It has a more optimistic view on life and keeps the adventure going.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 Page 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Back To The Future In ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33

The issue starts off sometime in the future as a pair of gun runners are found by a futuristic-looking Wolverine. We find out Gabby is in the Wolverine suit, and after dealing with the gun runners, she meets the Queen of Madripoor: Laura Kinney. Laura informs Gabby she is dying and she has two objectives before she passes: saving their sister Bellona, and killing Doom. They embark on their journey with the help of some old friends, and in the process, we get clues about what has happened to the world.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 Page 3. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

An Optimistic Setting

I’m a big fan of Tom Taylor. He has a knack for weaving tight storylines, great characterization, and interesting ideas all in one. For example, this issue starts off as a thematic sequel to OLD MAN LOGAN; however, there are many differences. Old Man Logan featured a dystopian future, where the world was destroyed and ruled by villains. In “Old Woman Laura” the future is bright — the heroes have mostly won. It’s a clean and promising look at the world of tomorrow for the Marvel universe. I’m glad Taylor went this route. Too many comic book stories are set in a grim future, which is a worn-out premise.

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In addition to the setting, our characters are bright and happy as well. Gabby is grown, is now Wolverine, and is married with children. Laura has become a Queen and has retired from super-heroics; she speaks of her life on a positive note, saying that she was happy with everything that happened to her. I appreciate the way Taylor handles her disease and her mortality. She doesn’t spend the issue getting angry or wanting to get revenge. She simply sees the objectives of what she has to do in order to wrap up her life. This gives Laura a quiet dignity, and considering that Taylor has been writing her now for some time, it seems appropriate.

Glimpse Of Tomorrow

Furthermore, there are plenty of glimpses of the future in this issue. The biggest and most important to the plot is the mention of the Doom War. A flashback shows us that it’s a massive fight between Doom and several iconic villains versus our heroes of today. I would not be surprised if this is a key factor in the arc going forward, much like the final attack on the X-Mansion was a key event in OLD MAN LOGAN. Based on how Laura wants to kill Doom, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone other than Victor was behind the Doom mask. Beyond that, there are several fun surprises like Gabby’s children being named Logan and Wade, Kamala Khan being President of the United States of America, and Maria Hill looking a little too much like Nick Fury (she has had a rough one).

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 Page 4. Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics.

Stylish Art

Ramon Rosanas really gets the chance to shine in this issue. His design of the futuristic Wolverine (Gabby) is simple yet enough of a change to make it unique. It has a stylish and sleek manner to it. The city of Madripoor has a clean, curvy type of architecture. That’s not to say it’s all splash scenes. The scene where Laura tells Gabby she’s dying is a simple, yet effective display of each character and their reactions. Nolan Woodard’s coloring complements the art well. The neon-yellow of Gabby’s costume really helps give it a cyberpunk vibe.

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Looking Forward to What’s Next

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 is a melancholy start to our heroes’ last journey, featuring a bright, optimistic view of the future. It’s an uplifting issue despite dealing with death. The art and color show a great world to come. I’m looking forward to the next issue.

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 by Tom Taylor, Ramon Rosanas, and Nolan Woodard
ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #33 is an exciting tale featuring a somber start for our hero. Beautiful art helps makes the future interesting and unique compared to the grim and grittiness we're used to.
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