Taylor and Cabal offer up one of ALL-NEW WOLVERINE's finest issues. They handle an emotional family reunion, but still keep the energy fresh with some exciting carnage.
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Things are finally starting to come together in ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #26, written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Juann Cabal. Last issue Laura was tracking down her brother Daken, which lead to an entirely different discovery: her mother Sarah. After finding her contained in a tube, many questions started to arise as to why Sarah was there and Daken wasn’t. Both of them have one thing in common: Orphans of X, the titular villains of this new arc.  There is still not much known about the Orphans of X and what their endgame is. That being said, we are slowly seeing more of Laura and Daken’s new enemies in action.

Reunions and Action

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #26 is titled part 2 of the “Orphans of X” arc and gives us a reunion between Laura and her mother Sarah. Sarah seems to have been preserved in some way, based on the tube she was found in. A large portion of this issue’s dialogue revolves around this reunion, which means a great deal for Laura. The exchange between these characters is handled with grace, showing detailed emotion true to how families behave.

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While half of the issue focuses on a family rekindling, the other half focuses on Daken who has been captured by the Orphans. In his panels, we get some visceral action sequences and playful dialogue. These moments mesh well with the calmer tone of Laura’s panels, giving a nice engaging transition between material.

Strong Dialogue

Writer Tom Taylor offers up well-crafted conversations that give us a pretty solid issue. Rather than answer all the questions we have about Sarah, we discover more questions that I’m sure will take time to solve. The opening scene of the issue is quite satisfying, mostly because we as fans know what to expect from Daken. It starts with him strapped to a table, with some Orphans of X discussing how long he’s been tortured for. As this conversation happens, Daken finds a creative (and messy) way out of containment. Every moment with him in this escape attempt is fun and sportive. His capture, though exciting, holds importance because it allows Laura’s reunion to have a more intimate setting. Had Daken been there, there might’ve been too many cooks in the kitchen. 

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Switch the conversation to Taylor’s dialogue for Sarah and the X-Members and we get something significantly different. We witness some serious heartfelt moments but also get a touch of humor. This comes in at a specific moment between Beast and Laura’s sister, Gabby. Gabby is discussing how she has a whole agenda planned with Sarah but takes the time to casually ask Beast if he wants to get his hair braided as well. 

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Taylor’s writing may sound like it focuses on two separate settings, but he masterfully weaves those settings together in a way that truly makes sense. By connecting the overall issue, he gives us quite a strong comic in the series.

Beautiful Carnage

Artist Juann Cabal creates an amazing landscape that jumps from bloody bits to family portraits. For the scenes with Daken, we get tons of panels that focus on the setting of his torture. The organization of the tools of pain compliment Cabal’s paneling structure in a stunning way. Each box is perfectly designed to capture Daken’s situation. Then there are the colors from Nolan Woodward. They’re a cool palette that makes the scenes between Laura and Beast very soothing to look at, despite the heavy topic at hand. 

All-New Wolverine #26
Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

One scene, in particular, has Sarah explaining her preservation as she drinks a cup of coffee. Cabal manages to use the coffee in the cup to show how Sarah felt while she was contained. It’s an amazing personal touch that emulates feeling merely by showing us the art. This is something we can also see from the realism each character shows on their faces. We can see that they are overjoyed to be reunited, or even worried when asking Sarah if she remembers being held captive. 

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Concluding Thoughts on ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #26

Taylor’s writing and Cabal and Woodward’s artwork come together in what has been one of ALL-NEW WOLVERINE’s best issues. The Orphans of X remain to be a mysterious force against Laura, and I’m still unsure of what Sarah’s situation is. So far this story has a lot of questions to answer but I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold.

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