MY HERO ACADEMIA’s hero of justice has bright, shining blue eyes. We’ve recently got a brand new look at a young, fresher-faced All Might via a surprise trailer! The film is still months from release, but that’s not stopping new content. We’ve gotten countless images, videos, trailers, and teasers ever since the movie was announced. This is the first teaser, however, to focus specifically on the new visuals of protagonist Izuku Midoriya’s mentor, All Might. From how amazing the trailer is, MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE: THE TWO HEROES is sure to be incredible.

Midoriya Izuku smiling on his first day of school MY HERO ACADEMIA
Main character and fledgling hero Midoriya Izuku | Image: Funimation

For those whose eyes have yet to be graced by the glorious presence of MY HERO ACADEMIA, the story takes place in a world with superpowers. But rather than superpowers being a special talent of a select few, they’re incredibly commonplace. As much as 80% of the global population has manifested what is colloquially known as Quirks. These Quirks can either be related to one’s physical appearance or be a completely supernatural power. It’s just as common to see someone running around with wings as it would be in our world to see someone with red hair.

In this world where powers are commonplace, there isn’t free license to use them whenever you want, however.  Global governments have restrictions on using Quirks in public. Otherwise, people would literally shoot fire and lightning all over the place. One profession became viable once villains decided to break those rules about Quirk use: The Superhero. The series follows one particular wannabe superhero, Midoriya Izuku, as he trains to develop incredible power and keep the world safe.

Go Beyond with New MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 3 Trailer!

The Fresh New Teaser

The explosive teaser already has millions of views across multiple sites hours after its release. Check out the new MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE: THE TWO HEROES YouTube trailer below:

The trailer starts by showing off colorful renditions of the manga’s best scenes. After the showcase of fights, we get a good look at the setting of the film, I Island. MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE: THE TWO HEROES is set between seasons 2 and 3 of the anime. This means that All Might and Midoriya are going on adventures just before Midoriya and his classmates attend a hero training camp. During the journey, Midoriya meets a girl who is ‘Quirkless’ just like him. But like any hero story, villains quickly descend upon the island, leaving Midoriya and All Might to save its citizens.

Unlike many other anime movies, the MY HERO ACADEMIA manga author Kohei Horikoshi is directly supervising this one. Several other illustrators, character designers, and staff from the anime will all be joining Horikoshi, making this as true to the original series as it gets.

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With the release of this trailer and the looming start of the anime’s third season, it’s already a great year for MY HERO ACADEMIA. In addition to the anime, continuing manga chapters, and movie, we’re even getting a video game! Truly this is one of the most impressively popular anime in years. The best part is, the story and its characters are young and growing. That means we’re sure to be seeing the heroes of UA Academy in action for quite some time. MY HERO ACADEMIA THE MOVIE: THE TWO HEROES premieres August 3rd. Can’t wait that long? Season 3 of the anime airs on April 7th!

What’s your favorite part of the trailer? What was your reaction to All Might’s incredible eyes? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image from Youtube.

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