Politics have influenced some of the greatest works of all time. Since politics are as corrupt as ever, there’s certainly no lack of inspiration. Comics have been one of the most interesting forms of media to explore government dishonesty. We’ve seen such themes in V FOR VENDETTA and many superhero comics, like the newest CAPTAIN AMERICA: STEVE ROGERS comics. And when it comes to crooked government officials, Jamie Me’s latest comic QUEEN #2 has it covered.

QUEEN #2 follows Emily Green, a politician who can no longer ignore the deceit of her profession. But, a hacktivist group called “Nidus” is leaking documents left and right. And it’s a little difficult to resign quietly when private information makes its rounds. These hackers seem to incite more chaos than anything else.

Queen #2
QUEEN #1 pages 1-2 (Courtesy of Jamie Me)

Personal Experience

QUEEN deals with some heavy subject matter, but Jamie Me created it to cope with personal struggles. Creating comics gave Me something to work towards as he sought treatment for his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. And after battling with Britain’s healthcare system, Me had a lot to critique. Creating comics was as therapeutic as it was telling of how bad healthcare and other government-regulated programs have been.

queen #2
QUEEN #2 pages 1-2 (Courtesy of Jamie Me)

The British government isn’t the only one failing its citizens when it comes to basic needs. The sinister underlying motives in QUEEN hit close to home for many.

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Support QUEEN #2 and Independent Creators

If you enjoy HOUSE OF CARDS and other politically-charged dramas, you’ll want to back QUEEN. Taking on such strong themes as government corruption is a gamble. Many works have been successful, but they come with much controversy. But this controversy is necessary for change.

Supporting QUEEN means supporting Me, along with his talented team. Illustrator Bernard Gita, colorist Sean Callahan, and editor Archie Dait all deserve fair compensation for their work. And they’ve certainly earned the recognition. The illustrations with dark, bold colors in QUEEN reflect what lies beneath the public eye.

QUEEN #1 has already set up the story wonderfully, so I have high hopes for the second issue. Emily Green is a great, multi-faceted character, and the mystery behind “Nidus” will surely give readers much to think about.

The Kickstarter for QUEEN #2 ends June 2, 2017, so be sure to check it out!

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