Alan Burnett at NYCC 2017

We sat down with Alan Burnett at New York Comic Con 2017, the writer-producer associated with Warner Bros., Animation, DC Comics, and Walt Disney Television Animation. You may know Burnett from BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, BATMAN BEYOND & BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT.

Recently Alan announced his retirement after working with DC Entertainment for over 25 years now. Alan was a huge contributor to almost every animated movie and TV show that has been released. A legend in the medium, Alan has been responsible for bringing many of our beloved heroes onto the screen.

Even adding in characters that many don’t know in the mainstream, but discovered how much fans appreciated seeing more heroes in each film and show.

ComicsVerse: I’m Brandon Bloxdorf here at New York Comic Con 2017, hanging out with Alan Burnett. You’re watching ComicsVerse.

So, Alan, we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary right now of the DC movies. You’ve had such an impactful way throughout the animated series and throughout various of the movies as well. What has been your most cherished moment, kind of going through all this? What’s it like seeing it all put together into one compilation?

Alan Burnett: Oh, I’m so glad that they’ve done this. I mean, ten years and 30 movies is a nice round figure, and I think that’s great. We’re doing more, you know, so they’re coming down the pipeline, but these first 30 are … it’s just a wonderful showcase for the talent of Warner Brothers and for these great characters from DC, so …

ComicsVerse: Nice. Did you expect, from working on the animated series, to build up to such a big thing as it is now?

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Alan Burnett: No, you never know, you know? You do your best, put it out there, and see what people think. But it was a great thing, the Batman: The Animated Series, and sort of put animated TV on the map in a way. I mean, it sort of changed things, and we’ve been able to address an older audience, and with these movies, we really are addressing fans in them.

It’s always been sort of also my desire to do an R-rated movie of some sort, and now I’ve done it, thanks to Killing Joke, so it’s been a good run for me. I’ve been at Warner Brothers for 26 years, and these last ten years were great because you’re not doing the same old series grind, you are doing different things every few months, different scripts, different movies, so it’s been wonderful.

ComicsVerse: That’s great. If you could do one more animated movie based on any graphic, what would you decide to do it on?

Alan Burnett: Oh my gosh. I don’t know. There are several things, and the one thing I want to say is something that they’re talking about right now, so I can’t say what it is, but it’s a graphic novel we’ve talked about for years, and it’s one of my favorites.

ComicsVerse: Would it be Hush, by any chance?

Alan Burnett: No, it’s not, although you might see some news about that someday. I wish I could tell you. You know, I’m retired. I should feel free, but I’m not quite that free yet. But there’s some great stuff coming down the line.

ComicsVerse: We’ll be excited to hear. We’ll be excited to watch all of it, just as well. Thank you for watching. This is ComicsVerse. Check us out at!

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