In light of Fitz’ proposing to Simmons (or Simmons’ proposing to Fitz depending on how you want to look at it) on MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD, let’s take a look at the relationship between Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons across the entire series. We’ll be analyzing the good moments of Fitz/Simmons as well the bad throughout the show’s 5 season run. We’ll also be looking ahead to see what’s in store for the couple that has seen just as much positive and personal development as the entire show itself.

Typical Beginnings

Like most television series with consistent romantic points of drama, the best way to sustain them is to keep two characters suspended in a consistent “just friends” mindset at the start of the first season. Fitz/Simmons’ relationship is no different at the onset. Both joined Agent Coulson’s team as budding science graduates fresh from the academy. Eager for field work, it was Jemma who convinced Fitz to get some experience outside of the lab.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, Courtesy of Marvel.

After several near-death experiences, the first season finale sees them in a major life-threatening event. Trapped inside a mobile lab at the bottom of the ocean and losing oxygen. Seeing no way out, Fitz finally confesses his true feelings for Jemma, who always thought they were just friends and partners. Fitz then tries a last-ditch attempt for survival, which proves successful. However, it leaves him with brain damage and trauma at the finale’s close.

“Will They/Won’t They”

The second season begins with Jemma being largely absent from the team. Being on assignment for Coulson, she hopes distance from Fitz will speed his recovery. The opposite proves to be true, as Fitz starts to have hallucinations, seeing Jemma beside him constantly. As the season continues, Coulson’s team attempts to take down the emergent Hydra, and Jemma and Fitz have a difficult time connecting. Jemma struggles with her feelings toward Fitz and what they mean.

There’s still a frustration for both Fitz and Jemma, and it takes time for them to reconnect and be friends. However, the topic of their discussion at the bottom of the ocean remains unaddressed. While Fitz prepares for a mission during the season finale, Jemma says she wants to talk about it when he gets back. After the success of the mission, Fitz asks Simmons out to dinner.  Simmons agrees, but right after Fitz leaves she is pulled into the large alien monolith SHIELD had recovered.

Revisiting Agents of SHIELD Season Two (2014-2015)

From “Will They/Won’t They” to “Can They”

The third season transitions Fitz/Simmons’ relationship further with Fitz doing the impossible. He finds a way to rescue Simmons, who fights to survive on an alien planet lightyears away.  Fitz endlessly searches for answers, resists authority, and refuses to give up. Fitz finally opens a portal to the alien world and dives through to rescue Simmons.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, Courtesy of Marvel.

After all of this, Fitz worries that their relationship is cursed, that the cosmos are forcing them apart. Simmons counters by saying that he literally dove through a portal to save her. They then share their first kiss. While their relationship stays somewhat strained, it smooths out (as best it can in an action drama show).

Fitz says that he isn’t strong enough to live in a world without her in it. The rest of the third season leaves Fitz/Simmons relatively drama free, and they are able to explore their deeper relationship and be happy.

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – S:3 EP:2 “Purpose In The Machine”

A Dark Fitz

Season four brings tension back when Fitz starts to keep secrets from Jemma, as she is in the new director’s inner circle. This leads to more tension. When a life model decoy (the building of whom was one of Fitz’ secrets) gets autonomy in its thinking, the LMD, named Aida, creates a virtual reality of her own design.

Known as the Framework, she places the agents’ minds inside. In this reality, Hydra took over the world. Certain characters lives are altered, with many now working as Hydra agents. Fitz becomes one of them and a part of the key leadership. He’s also in love with Aida, herself the director of Hydra.

AGENTS OF SHIELD, Courtesy of Marvel.

Simmons and Agent Daisy Johnson manage to infiltrate the Framework with their memories still intact, and Simmons has to confront a version of Fitz that is cruel, violent, and merciless. Once they are rescued, actual memories and lives restored, the team dismantles the Framework and Aida. Due to Aida’s efforts to discredit SHIELD using LMD’s in the real world, the season finale ends with the team awaiting arrest in a diner, yet Fitz and Simmons are happy to be back together.

AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and the L.M.D. Future

There is No Curse

Currently, MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD is having its fifth season. Instead of being arrested at the diner like they were expecting, the team found themselves on a desolate and destroyed Earth in the far future. The alien Kree race has enslaved what remains of mankind. However, Fitz remains in the present. Once again, Fitz does the impossible to reunite with Simmons and the team.

After escaping from authorities, he cryo-freezes himself to find and help them. Once he arrives in the future, he forms a plan to rescue the team. Upon seeing Simmons serving the Kree overlord, he finds his moment and goes to her, telling her to play it cool and not to turn around.

Unknowing that Simmons has an implant that inhibits her from hearing her master, Fitz proposes to Simmons! He says that he will never leave her and that they are unstoppable together. Their love is stronger than any curse. Unfortunately, Simmons heard none of this and later on during their escape, Simmons proposes to Fitz! (Somewhat indignant, Fitz wants to be sure Simmons knows he proposed first, but then decides it doesn’t matter)

Wedding Bells on the Way for Fitz/Simmons?

While this is very exciting and long awaited, fans of Fitz/Simmons shouldn’t be so quick to expect a wedding episode down the line. While a wedding could take place, it is just as likely that something devastating could be around the next corner for Fitz/Simmons.

Things look bleak in the future for the team overall, as they still have to fix this corrupt and broken future. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Coulson be the officiant (who else would it be?), but the Fitz/Simmons relationship is anything but ordinary and predictable.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF SHIELD airs Fridays 9/8c on ABC.

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