It’s back! Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D. is finally back with the premiere episode of season 3, and this one is a doozy.

With these weekly recaps, I will be breaking down aspects from each episode that I feel are going to have major impacts on the season or to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole, and maybe point out a couple of neat easter eggs fans of the comics would catch. Keep in mind that I will be talking about what happened in this week’s episode, so:



The episode starts with a shot of a spilled jar of the now-Terrigen-infused fish oil pills that we learned about at the end of last season which pans over to an empty Inhuman cocoon. The apartment is wrecked, everything is melted. Another Inhuman has been born. Introducing: Joey Gutierrez the man who suddenly has to deal with the ability to spontaneously melt metal. He also can’t control that power which leads to some…mishaps across the city. This whole idea of everyday people suddenly hatching from cocoons and gaining “inhuman” super powers might have a familiar ring to comic book readers. After 2013’s line-wide event Infinity, king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt, unleashed the Terrigen Mists across the world sparking terrigenesis through people who previously had no idea that they had latent alien DNA inside of them. Some of the more popular new Inhumans, or NuHumans, are Inferno and Ms. Marvel.


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Speaking of direct ties to recent comic books, Lash is here! Lash, created by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira for the 2014 INHUMAN series is a force of nature. Throughout the series, Lash is a constant threat to queen of the Inhumans, Medusa, and her mission to help guide all of the recently hatched NuHumans. Lash instead believes that only the worthy should become Inhumans forcing those he deems deserving into his army, while those less lucky need to be killed to prevent an overpopulation of Inhumans. We get a glimpse at his mission in this episode, where we see multiple dead NuHumans, all with holes burned through their chest. These weren’t the lucky ones.


Secret Warriors?

Skye, I mean Daisy, is back in action in this episode. Time has passed since the end of last season, and Daisy has appeared to have gained full control over her powers. She uses these early on, saving Joey from a squad of armed thugs ( we’ll touch on them in a bit) attempting to take him out. Reminiscent of when she was trained to use her powers by her mother Jiaying last season, she attempts to help Joey control his powers with the help of S.H.I.E.L.D. technology. Realizing that there is only one other person better at acclimating Inhumans to their powers, Daisy and Mac attempt to recruit Lincoln to join the team. Does Daisy Johnson slowly forming a team of super-powered heroes sound familiar to you? It should. In 2009’s SECRET WARRIORS series, Nick Fury and Daisy Johnson aka Quake assemble their own team of unknown superheroes to combat threats to S.H.I.E.L.D. The writers of the show have even stated that that series is a big inspiration for season 3, although it looks like we’ll be getting a more Inhuman twist on that formula.



Hooray! More acronyms! This episode introduces us to the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, or A.T.C.U. Led by the shady Rosalind Price, the A.T.C.U. is formed as an executive action in response to the growing number of alien threats the world of the MCU now faces. In an address to the Nation, the President cites growing concerns about alien dangers and name drops some famous moments from previous Marvel films such as the Battle of New York City (THE AVENGERS)the incident in London (THOR: THE DARK WORLD)and the recent battle in Sokovia (AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON)This is a great way to tie the show and multiple movies together, but also could be a sign of things to come. If these concerns about aliens lead to governmental involvement, couldn’t something similar come about for other super-powered individuals? Did someone say Civil War? At the very least, the A.T.C.U. could be connected to the Accords mentioned in ANT-MAN.


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The Monolith

This episode also sees Fitz attempting to learn more about the Inhuman monolith that swallowed Gemma at the end of season 2. We even get to see a courageous, desperate, and even dangerous side of Fitz as he flies solo to steal an ancient scroll from a group of Iraqi militants. The scroll only reads one word in Hebrew: Death. Coulson attempts to stop Fitz on his reckless course to save Gemma, telling him that she’s gone and that he has to move on because the team needs him. Little do they know, but Gemma is in fact alive. The Monolith has transferred her to some alien terrain, where she seems to be hiding from something similar. The camera pulls back to reveal the Earth and…the Moon? Where is she? One theory that I could think of would be the Blue Area of the Moon. Home of the Watcher, the Blue Area was a frequent hiding place for Inhumans and often held most of the remaining Terrigen Crystals. It is also the place where the Fantastic Four originally discovered the existence of Inhumans in Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s legendary run. Although we know that Gemma isn’t actually on the moon, since we can see it floating on the hoirzon, the MCU version could be another planet hiding directly behind the dark side of the moon.

IMG_0006 Watcher

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