Yesterday, Marvel released episode 4 of AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.Dtitled “Devils You Know” and it was jam packed with secret agent goodness. First things first, I’m loving the pace of this season so far. What used to take AoS a whole season to get to, this season seems to be moving at a lightning speed. Like every week:


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This week’s episode doesn’t focus primarily on any one major plot thread, which is actually for the better since we get some major progress in a single chapter.


Hey so Lash, the giant dreadlocked Inhuman that likes to blow giant holes in other Inhumans’ chests, finally made his return after being absent since episode 1. Right off the bat, we get to see Alisha, the Inhuman with the power to multiply herself last seen being one of Jiaying’s cronies on the Hellicarrier last season. Here she’s warning two other Inhumans, one who can float and one who can stretch and glow her arms (it isn’t very apparent), that Inhumans are being killed off one by one. Since this is television, as soon as our Inhuman friends know this, Lash bursts through the door Kool-Aid-Man style and kills all three of them. Luckily we learn that that Alisha was just a duplicate working with Coulson and the crew trying to save fellow Inhumans from Lash’s glowy hands. This puts her in a sort of PTSD state that could become interesting if she joins the team full-time.


Coulson’s S.H.I.E.L.D. and the newly partnered ATCU are on the case. We are treated to Daisy and Mac teaming up to try and hunt down Lash in an apartment complex which is a load of fun. I could watch these two in a buddy cop movie any day, especially if Mac keeps making movie references that completely fly over Daisy’s head. Their search of the apartment is mostly fruitless, but they do manage to find an email chain on one of the dead Inhumans’ computers that is seeking out fellow Inhumans. Tracking this lead leads the team to a hacker and gamer (of course) who is possibly one of the most unfortunate Inhuman or Marvel Cinematic Universe characters ever: Dwight Frye.


Most Inhumans get awesome powers after their Terrigenesis. Flight, control over sonic waves, precognition, are just some of the powers that you can get once you become an Inhuman but not for sorry old Dwight Frye. Frye’s Inhuman power is that he breaks out with an allergic reaction whenever he’s in the vicinity of another Inhuman. His power is that he has an allergy to his own people. His power is hives. Through this sad excuse of a super-powered Inhuman, we learn that Lash wasn’t even using him for his “power”. Lash only needed his non-Inhuman power of computer knowledge to help weasel other Inhumans out of hiding, so that he can, y’know, kill them all in the name of some divine calling. S.H.I.E.L.D. and the ATCU apprehend this walking allergy, which leads to Lash storming their truck and killing Mr. Frye. Dwight, we hardly knew you. In all of this, Daisy does get a glimpse of Lash’s shadow slowly transforming into what appeared to be a normal human being. Lash can be anybody! I’m hoping this idea of anybody secretly being Lash gets resolved soon, because that could get tiresome.

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This week’s episode also brought us even closer to Hunter and May’s infiltration of the new Ward-led HYDRA. May is worried that Hunter might be sending himself on a suicide mission and enlists Coulson and S.H.I.E.L.D. to help him. It’s always nice to see May be the voice of reason on this show, and seeing her finally interact with Coulson was a welcome moment. We also get some awkward arguing between May and Drew, teasing information about what led to their separation. This climaxes when Hunter, after being forced to ride in the “boot” of a car, finally comes face to face with Ward. Again, I’m glad they didn’t parse this plotline out across multiple episodes because we quickly get to see Hunter realize that the jig is up, and he turns all John McClane on a bunch of HYDRA goons.


Hunter, as expected by literally everyone, gets a little in over his head but is quickly saved by The Cavalry. Any action scene with May diving off a shipping container holding akimbo pistols is my favorite action scene. This leads to a stand-off between Hunter/May and Ward where Ward finally plays the ace up his sleeve: Drew is surrounded by HYDRA soldiers and they will kill him if Ward doesn’t respond in 30 seconds. May backs off, not wanting to get her ex-husband killed but instead of following her lead, Hunter decides that Ward is worth losing another person’s life for and storms Ward, only shooting him in the back while Ward squirms away in a pickup truck. Cut to the convenience store where Drew was surrounded by HYDRA soldiers, including Werner Von Strucker, which has now exploded. As far as we know, Drew is dead and Ward is alive which is all Hunter’s stupid fault. Nice job Hunter.

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After Jemma’s great impression of Jack from LOST at the end of last week’s episode, where she reveals to Bobbie that she has to go back to the weird blue planet, Jemma secretly begins researching ways to reform the Inhuman portal that her team desperately fought to destroy. Bobbi keeps this information from an increasingly annoyed Fitz, who chastises her on her lab organizational skills. We get a fun beat where Bobbi mentions Fitz’s obsessive compulsiveness with lab equipment to Jemma, which only seems completely normal and understandable to her.


After attempting to hide the fact that she’s trying to find a way to open the portal again from Fitz, we see after the credits that Jemma has finally given in to Fitz’s pestering, She needs his help opening the portal and is willing to be completely open on what happened to her there.

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