AGENTS OF SHIELD currently sits as one of the last hold outs for Marvel Television. DAREDEVIL, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, and PUNISHER are no more. JESSICA JONES had one last season. AGENTS OF SHIELD will be the last show standing. AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6 is coming this May, and one final season the year after. So far, we’ve only seen a short teaser for what’s to come. Let’s take a look at what we know so far about AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6.

What Happened in AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5

Based on the trailer for AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6, it looks as though a few months have passed between the events of Season 5. In Season 5, the core members of Coulson’s team find themselves in the future, standing amongst the remains of the Earth and its enslaved people. Their rulers are the Kree, and the main resource of Earth’s they take advantage of is Inhumans.

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Terribly enough, the agents’ discover that is was their actions that shattered the world once they got back to their own time. With this apocalyptic knowledge, the agents make their way back to the present day. They manage to break the loop, preventing not only the devastation they witness in the future, but also prevent the villain Graviton from making things worse during Thanos’ invasion of Wakanda seen in INFINITY WAR. However, it came at a cost.

Phil Coulson Is Dead…Again

Quake uses a small amount of Centipede serum they have to amp up her powers to stop Graviton, rather than to save Coulson. Coulson discovered that he was dying after his brief bond with the Ghost Rider in Season 4 burns away all that was keeping him alive from when Loki stabbed him in AVENGERS. While that’s a fairly awesome sentence that depicts why this show is so cool with all its connections to the MCU, it’s also sad. Centipede was the only thing able to save him. However, if Coulson’s team had saved Coulson, it would have continued the time loop to the terrible future with the broken Earth and the Kree. AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5 ends with Coulson and May going to Tahiti (the real Tahiti) so Coulson can live his last few days peacefully.

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AGENTS OF SHIELD SEASON 6 looks like it takes place just a few months or so after. The teaser begins with Mack talking to Agent May. She tells him that she was with Coulson until the very end. She tells Mack they got more time than they thought they would. At the start of the teaser, it looks like Coulson is dead for good this time.

Mack is Director of SHIELD

Even with Coulson being dead, his presence is still felt. At the start of the AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6 teaser, we do see a hologram of Coulson. He’s talking to Mack, who is now the new director of SHIELD. It looks as though Coulson recorded a message for Mack before he died. He’s tells Mack that his mission is to put together a team he can trust. He also tells him that if he thinks about everything he’s up against all at once, he’ll crack under the pressure.

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Next, we will see Mack and his agents facing several monitors. He says that his new job as a director isn’t one he takes lightly. He’s responsible for everyone. That means he’s feeling the need to not only protect their lives but feels responsible for the times when they succeed or fail. It’s a tough job being a director, and it looks like Mack is going to be pretty intent on making sure he himself doesn’t fail.

Fitz is Still Lost

We hear Coulson’s recording again with a shot of Fitz frozen in a cryogenic freezing pod. Coulson reminds Mack that Fitz is frozen, out in deep space. He tells Mack that he doesn’t doubt they will eventually find him.

AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 5, a white monolith sucks the agents up, bringing them into the future. However, it did not take Fitz. Wanting to get to his friends to help them, Fitz froze himself until he could catch up with them in time in order to save them. This turns out to be beneficial, as after they all make it back to the present, Fitz dies at the end of the season. However, they can still save Fitz if they can find him inside his pod and wake him up, now that they have prevented the bad future from happening. Man, time-travel can be convenient, but it can still hurt your head!

We do see Jemma Simmons in the AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6 teaser, and she’s standing over Fitz’ pod. This tells us that they will find him. However, he won’t remember some important things that happen in the bad future as they never happened to him. Such important things he won’t remember would be like his marriage to Jemma, or that Deke is his future grandson. Again, time-travel is so confusing!

Quake is Still Awesome and A Montage of Crazy-ness

After that, we see Agent Daisy Johnson, aka Quake, kicking some major butt in the AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6 teaser. It’s unclear if her powers are still in high gear from the Centipede serum as she doesn’t use her powers during the fight scenes we see in the teaser. She also looks to be sporting a new look rather than from when we last saw her.

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After this, we get some very fast shots. They don’t have much context but they do have a lot of crazy stuff. We see an alien ship next to a big wormhole, with the team looking out at it. Then we saw Yo-Yo pick a guy up by his throat with her metal arms. Crystals were shooting out a spasming guy, followed by an Agent May stabbing said guy. An unknown and armed man teleports, followed by a corkscrewing Quinjet and Daisy taking our entire squad with her gravity powers.

We then see Simmons in a pod of her own. Could it be that they can’t get Fitz out of his pod? Is she going to freeze herself in order to wait for Fitz? Lastly, we get shots of a group of evil-looking combatants, who look like they may have powers of their own. Mack says that they don’t know where these enemies are from and that they’re extremely powerful. However, that’s not the biggest revelation from the teaser.

Dark Coulson in AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6?

Saving the biggest bomb for last, the final shot of the AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6 teaser is of a man. The camera is behind him and slowly pans from his feet up to his head. Another man questions him and says he must be from SHIELD. The man responds that he’s never heard of it as he turns to face the camera. It was Coulson! What!?

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The prevailing theory in my mind is that the unknown assailants are from another dimension. We know courtesy of DOCTOR STRANGE that there is a multiverse with an infinite number of other dimensions and realities, so they could be coming from an alternate one. This would explain Coulson as well. He could be leading this group, looking to come to our dimension from theirs. This would indicate that in his dimension, there is no SHIELD, which is why he’s never heard of it.

It is certainly an odd and left-field way to bring Coulson back to the season. However, I’m down for it even if it might be a darker Coulson. There’s certainly a lot of exciting things to come for AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 6. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just have to settle for AVENGERS: ENDGAME until it comes out…

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AGENTS OF SHIELD: Season 6 comes to ABC this May.


  1. one-time fan

    March 26, 2019 at 5:22 am

    Seems to me, season 6 is even worse than the crappy season 5 and my favourite Agent is dead. I hate it. Time to move on.


  2. carlos

    March 25, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    Screw it. I don’t give a damn about Agents of SHIELD without Coulson.


  3. einhorn

    March 25, 2019 at 7:47 am

    I would give season 6 and 7 a try if Coulson was main character in all episodes. No Coulson means I’m done with Agents of SHIELD and will never watch another episode.


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