Caution: Spoilers Ahead in this Agent Carter “Time and Tide” Review…

Agent Carter kicked off last week to positive reviews, although it didn’t exactly wow me.  This week’s episode got me a lot more interested in the show as a whole.

The difference between this episode and the two-part premiere is that we are no longer spending time on exposition.  We’re getting to see the way all the cogs work that were brought into play in the first two parts of the eight-part miniseries.  The housing development that Peggy finds herself living in was actually incredibly interesting to see, and I’m curious how the situation will develop, given the complexities of Peggy’s life and career.

Episode three follows a similar structure to the first episodes in that it tells a sequential story which alternates between her public persona, her SSR persona, and her shadow persona.  Seeing this alternation allows for many different plot-lines to be followed, involving many characters and lots of secrets.

Her public plot-line develops her friendship with Angie, the waitress who convinced her to move in to the super-strict apartment complex in which she now finds herself.  It’s so strict that a woman is kicked out for allowing a man onto the second floor- a place men are not allowed.  Angie is initially frustrated with Peggy’s tendency to keep secrets, which is part of what forces Agent Carter to open up at the end.  It’s clear that Angie is a person that Peggy truly needs- someone with whom she can talk, vent, and connect.

Meanwhile, in the shadows, she investigates the theft of Howard Stark’s technology with Jarvis.  Part of this requires her to sacrifice her respect and reputation in the SSR to help him escape from an arrest and interrogation in the SSR’s own investigation to find Stark.  This is done very cleverly- the suspense was high, and watching the repercussions of her actions unfold really helped me to sympathize with her.  This storyline also served to develop Jarvis a little more.  We find out that he was charged for treason at one point in his military career, but the reasons for such are charming to say the least.  This treason echoes Carter’s own- she’s betrayed the SSR to try to help Stark clear his name.

Most of the action happens in the latter half of the show, which follows Peggy’s investigation further.  She ends up finding the missing technology, using the symbol from the last episode to help her find a boat on which the tech is being held.  A very dark but entertaining fight scene helps to demonstrate Agent Carter’s fighting prowess.

Jarvis anonymously calls in the location of the stolen tech, and it looks like SSR will start making progress towards finding the true culprits behind the sale of Stark technology.  However, a professional ends the witness trail with a couple of gunshots, killing an agent of SSR and the guard Peggy had knocked out.  Peggy’s secret remains safe, and we get a cool cliffhanger on the action until the next episode.

Overall, this episode was much more enjoyable to me than the premiere.  The action was a lot of fun (although dark), and I really liked the parallels in treason in both Jarvis and Peggy.  The development of Peggy’s relationships has been working really well so far, and that has been carrying the show more than anything else for me.  There hasn’t been a whole lot in the way of connections to the MCU, but there’s still another 5 episodes to go in this first season.  We can only hope that the show gets picked up for a second.

Overall: 8/10

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