Agent Carter Episode Four Review: Spoilers Ahead…

Marvel’s Agent Carter aired Tuesday night, and for the first time, really impressed me. Among an interesting plot packed with twists came great scenes with some favorite characters. Hayley Atwell, leading the way as always as Agent Peggy Carter of the SSR, has recently expressed hope for a second season, and it’s episodes like this that have me rooting for Peggy and her friends.

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The episode followed Peggy as she tried to aid Howard Stark on a more immediate and personal level than before- she helps “negotiate” smuggling him back into the country, and sneaks him into her apartment, past the eyes of her superintendent. Meanwhile, she’s putting up with the same old crap at work, namely, not being respected because she’s a woman and it’s the 1940’s.

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There’s a lot of fluff to the episode as we start to hear a lot of details about one investigation into the Battle of Fillen, wherein a ton of soldiers were slaughtered by an unknown force (which is presumed to be linked to Howard Stark in some way). We also see the continuing investigation into Stark’s whereabouts, which may lead to Souza discovering Peggy’s double-identity. Souza actually gets to have a small action scene, and looks like a bit of a badass.

Most of the excitement in this episode occurs in the last few minutes. We find out what the device is that Stark wants her to steal- not a doomsday device as he’d told her, but a cooling chamber for a sample of Captain America’s blood. We also get to see a surprise attack from Dottie, Peggy’s waitress friend, who has some very Black Widow-esque moves. It’s been confirmed that this character is a KGB agent, and the program she’s in is the precursor to the Black Widow’s own training program. We also get to see a Stan Lee cameo!

In all, this episode finally starts to connect to the MCU, and so, in that respect, it’s a win for me. It wasn’t a very action-packed episode, with small hiccups of excitement peppered into a whole lot of conversation, but getting to see Howard Stark’s attitude towards women playing off against Peggy- a woman he respects, but is obviously attracted to- is one of the highlights of the episode. The more the show can tie in to the MCU, the better. On the bright side- an upcoming episode will be featuring the Howling Commandos and Dum Dum Dugan, so we’ll be seeing even more connections in the future.

At halfway through the series, it’s anyone’s guess where we’ll go from here. What do you think? Do you have any theories about the future for Agent Carter?

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