Agent Carter Episode 7 Review- Spoilers Ahead…

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Danger.  Betrayal.  Death.  Suicide.  Hypnosis.  Explosions.  Chaos.  Assassins.

This was one intense episode.  “Agent Carter” has been stepping up the suspense with every week, and this week, they pulled out all the stops.  While a few mysteries remain, a lot happened this week to further the plot.  Leviathan’s plans have been put into motion, and Agent Carter has ultimately proven herself and her judgment.

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The story picks up with Agent Carter in captivity, being held by the SSR and interrogated. Her supposed crimes involve aiding Howard Stark in his scheme to aid America’s enemies by selling off his weapons.  She desperately tries to convince Thompson, Dooley, and Souza of the truth.  At one point, there is a cool moment where she identifies the way each of the agents view her- as a stereotype, not a person.  For some reason, during this whole interrogation, Dooley is accompanied by the Russian hypnotist, who we discover is Doctor Faustus, one of Captain America’s enemies.  While the origin is a bit different, one can note the book that the Doctor is reading during an early flashback.


While Agent Carter tries to fight against stereotypes, her Leviathan counter, Dottie, has been using them to aid her and help her hide among the masses.  We see her buy a baby carriage, which she uses to her advantage later.  Young and attractive pregnant women are apparently treated very well in the 1950’s.

Jarvis tries to get Peggy and him off the hook with a faked confession by Howard Stark.  Peggy eventually catches Ivchenko sending a morse code message out the window, and decides that she must come clean about everything from the fake confession to her involvement with Stark to the hidden vial of Captain America’s blood.  She exposes the ways that she’s been underestimated and ignored by her fellow agents, which is why she had to operate as she did and how she could get away with it for so long.

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By the end of the episode, we’re also shown a pretty great story for Dooley.  All he wants is to have a good family life again, and the hypnotist preys on this idea.  He manipulates Dooley into getting “Item 17” for him, and ultimately straps him into an exploding vest. He sacrifices himself and saves the SSR.  Getting to see the development of the male agents, who are secondary characters to Peggy and Jarvis, is one of the cool aspects of this show.  Learning their motivations behind their behavior has been a great way to gain our sympathy, as well as establish that respect between Carter and her fellow agents.  Before he jumps, it is to Carter that Dooley looks, telling her to catch Ivchenko.  She is the only agent who was on the right track the whole time, and has proven once and for all that she is an intelligent and powerful agent, no matter what the gender norms are of that time period.


Dottie and Ivchenko end the episode by testing “Item 17”, which is probably the cause of the whole Finnel incident.  It’s a gas that causes people to become extremely aggressive and violent, ultimately killing those who are exposed to it.  The baby carriage that Dottie purchased carries this gas, and it is unleashed upon the attendants of a film in a movie theater.

There’s one episode of Agent Carter remaining, and a lot to wrap up.  How will Howard Stark’s name ultimately be cleared?  What is Leviathan going to do with Item 17?  How will Agent Carter stop Leviathan?  We’ll have to find out next Tuesday night!

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