Agent Carter Episode 6 Review: Spoilers Ahead…

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With Episode 6, Marvel has picked up the excitement immensely, and without a moment to lose!  Up to this point, Peggy has been playing multiple identities with ease, but it finally catches up to her after all.  While she made a lot of progress with her coworkers last episode, she doesn’t get to enjoy it for long.

Peggy’s part of the episode really begins when she insists on her conclusions that the base they found last week was, in fact, a Leviathan training facility.  She believes the young girl that killed the SSR agent was a trained human weapon.  Eventually, her boss tells her to follow her instincts and see where they lead.  The moment, for me, was a pretty nifty callback to Thunderball, an early James Bond film.  Spectre and Leviathan are both terrorist organizations, both have stolen weapons, and in both cases, the agent goes against the grain and is eventually given the go-ahead by their commanding officer.  Whether this was intentional or not, it gave me a small reference point to an earlier spy classic, and I, for one, loved that.

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Initially, the doctor that Peggy rescued in the previous episode is in the sights of Dottie, the Leviathan agent that has recently been tracking Carter.  With her sniper rifle aimed at him, he opens the window, and in a moment of very high tension, there is an incredible twist that shows some excellent planning and writing.  It turns out that the doctor is another agent of Leviathan… and a powerful one at that.  He has an ability to hypnotize people at ease- including Peggy’s higher-ups.

Meanwhile, Peggy tracks down the Leviathan agent that we know to be Dottie, discovering an old abandoned apartment with scars in the bedposts leftover from the brainwashed girl’s handcuffs, which she can’t sleep without.  Though she doesn’t find any evidence to point her in a further direction, Peggy doesn’t really get the chance anyway.

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Ultimately, it is Souza who confirms that Peggy is a double agent, and SSR tries to track her down.  Peggy doesn’t go down easy, though, taking down several agents with minimal help from Jarvis.  The doctor escapes, and Peggy evades capture for a while with the help of Angie, her actress friend.  Between Peggy, the actress, the sleeper agent, the hypnotist, and all of the brainwash victims throughout the series, the idea of false personalities is one of the strongest themes of the show.  Who is who, why are they doing what they’re doing, and how can Peggy make sense of it all and save the day?

The episode culminates in a climax that sees a poisonous Judas kiss from Dottie to Peggy, moments before being found by SSR.  Peggy is dragged off, claiming that she can explain everything.  The question that remains is- will anyone at the SSR bother to listen, or has the hypnotist doctor done too much damage?

We’re certainly seeing a major increase in the intensity of the show, and it’s got to get even bigger in the next two episodes.  Next week’s episode, titled “Snafu” will air on Tuesday night, and then we get one more episode.  With the exception of Howard Stark and Captain America’s blood, this story hasn’t really tied into anything in the MCU all that tightly.  Will there be any bigger connections in these last two episodes?  Will S.H.I.E.L.D. finally appear?  At this point, it’s hard to predict, but I certainly hope so.

Overall, this was an exciting episode, and probably one of the most entertaining episodes so far.


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