AoXMan Xtremists #2.1

Psylocke and Iceman are just trying to do their part in this AGE OF X-MAN: X-TREMISTS #2 preview. However, things escalate quickly from helping a little boy to rescuing a forest from a wildfire. It is difficult to see exactly where this issue will take us, but we can safely assume we’re in for a ride. Check out the preview below!


Age of X-Man


Written by: Leah Williams

Art by: Georges Jeanty

Cover by: Rahzzah

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THE AGE OF X-MAN CONTINUES! As Department X continues its work of purging and revising the ill-fitting elements of society, an encounter with a pregnant rebel begins eating away at the team from within. Cleaning up the minds of the world can be a dirty job…

AGE OF X-MAN: X-TREMISTS #2 Preview Image Gallery


All images courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

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