AEW is full of interesting, unique wrestlers, two of whom I had the pleasure of speaking to at New York Comic-Con this year. Nyla Rose and Jack Perry (Jungle Boy) each have interesting stories and backgrounds. Yet, they are so much more than those stories. They’re damn good wrestlers.

AEW is for Everyone

AEW is making an effort to be more inclusive than other companies. Enter Nyla Rose — the black, Native American transwoman who was in the very first women’s title match live on AEW Dynamite. That’s quite a tall order. I asked Rose how she copes with the absolute nonsense thrown her way online. She responded with a great theory –one I personally agree with — about why people react to her the way they do.

Perry, on the other hand, has a lot less to contend with as a white man. Even so, he’s another kind of minority in the wrestling world. He’s smaller than your typical wrestler, and he’s faced hurdles because of that. He also has a famous father to contend with — the late, great Luke Perry.

So while these two wrestlers could not be more different, they both have a lot to prove. That puts them in the same boat to an extent.

At the end of the day, though, they’re just phenomenal wrestlers who are getting their first big shot at glory with AEW. They’re powerful, dynamic, and just a joy to watch in the ring.

The two talk about the treatment of tag team and women’s divisions in the past, their aspirations, and titles they’d like to see introduced to AEW. Perry brings up an inter-gender tag title. Nyla’s reaction is pretty priceless. Check out the video above to see it.

In a conversation extremely appropriate to NYCC, Rose and Perry also discuss their favorite video games of the past with us. Watch the full interview above to find out what they had to say.

You can catch both Nyla Rose and Jungle Boy in action on AEW Dynamite on TNT every Wednesday night.

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