Don’t get the wrong idea. These two women are essential to AEW, even though you haven’t seen them wrestle on TNT’s Dynamite yet. Brandi Rhodes and Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) are absolutely kicking ass, even if it’s backstage and behind the scenes.

AEW’s Not-So-Secret Weapons

These two women have made a name for themselves outside of the ring in their own ways. Rhodes serves as the Chief Brand Officer for AEW. You probably recognize Stevens from the popular show GLOW. The two women discuss the benefits and challenges of having wrestlers run their own wrestling company, and how different working outside the ring is. Both Rhodes and Stevens have experience at other wrestling companies, so we also asked them how they use those lessons they learned when working with AEW.

Stevens in particular talks about working on GLOW. Ironically, it actually made her resistant to wrestling again. As she tells us, it was AEW itself that made her want to return to the business.

Rhodes spoke about AEW’s merchandising deals, their relationship with Hot Topic, and others calling them a “t-shirt company.”

Both Rhodes and Stevens spoke enthusiastically about working with commentators Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross ringside. Their relationships with them have come a long way. Stevens has a particularly fun and heartwarming story about that.

The advice they offered to young, black girls and women who may want to get into wrestling was the most powerful moment of our conversation. Unfortunately, the wrestling world still has a representation problem. Stevens and Rhodes set a fantastic example of how to combat that challenge. Check the interview above to see their inspiring words.

We also spoke to them about the advantages of bringing AEW to television with Dynamite on TNT, which you can watch every Wednesday. If you’re wondering when we’ll get to see Stevens and Rhodes get into the ring on the show, we are, too. We asked them that very question, so watch the full interview to find out what they had to say.


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