If you haven’t been reading ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS yet, you may want to catch up. Rex Luthor, a mere child motivated by his admiration for Earth’s most notorious villains, is assembling an army. With Joker Jr. and various others by his side, Rex is fully prepared to destroy heroes Superboy and Robin. Of course, stopping Rex will not be the Super Sons’ first rodeo. However, according to the exclusive preview of ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #8 that is available below, the odds do not seem to be in their favor right now.

So, need to catch up on the series?

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The Wrath of Rex Luthor

Acclaimed writer Peter J. Tomasi has taken the reigns on ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS, a run that has featured wild, unpredictable missions for our titular heroes. ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #8 seems to build on that unpredictability as Rex Luthor unleashes his wrath.

If you can’t wait until March 6th to get your copy of ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #8, continue reading to check out DC Comics’ official summary for the issue and our exclusive first look at what lies ahead for our favorite Super Sons!

Incarcerated on the prison planet of Takron-Galtos, Superboy and Robin face off against their fellow inmate Rex Luthor and the newest members of the Gang! But Robin has a plan, and it involves a piece of glittering jewelry called a Green Lantern ring! Be here for the start of “No Evil Shall Escape Their Sight”!


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