ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 BY Patrick McEown, Nick Cron-Devico, Alexandra Beguez and Marumiya
ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 delivers three colorful and kid-friendly stories that touch on the importance of friendship and acceptance in the wild world of Ooo.
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ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 does a great job of bringing real-life topics into the fantastical world of Ooo! This issue tackles some difficult subjects, such as abuse, judgment, and acceptance. Issue 19 tells three tales that take readers to the donut-loving town of Sandwicham, a pool party, and finally an alternate reality.

It’s a Lumpin’ Sandwich

The first story in ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 opens with Finn and Jake approaching the town of Sandwicham. Oddly enough, the town is known for its “donuts” (which look like sandwiches…). Once there, the heroes find a pair of impersonators calling themselves the real Finn and Jake. 

Image courtesy of BOOM! Comics. 

The town thinks the real Finn and Jake are imposters, so they kick them out. Finn finds it hard to forgive the imposters. Jake, always willing to see the other side of a situation, is sympathetic. He reminds Finn that the impersonators could have had cruel parents. 

Soon, Sandwicham comes under attack. Realizing they won’t be able to lie about their heroics, the fake Finn and Jake try to leave town. However, the real Finn convinces then to stay and fight. 

Abuse and the effect it has on children is not an easy topic to talk about. However, ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 handles it well. Writer McEown took a sensitive, and successful, approach to the issue by having the reader learn along with Finn. Just as Finn realizes the importance of understanding people’s backgrounds before judging their actions, so too does the reader.

Maturity for Kids: ADVENTURE TIME

However, the art style, like the characterization of Finn and Jake, is too similar to the television show.  This comic should be providing content that the TV show doesn’t. This tale is reminiscent of numerous ADVENTURE TIME episodes. The artistic style is nearly identical. We’ve seen Jake being mature and Finn learning from his mistakes so many times that it gets boring. Instead of recreating the usual formula, ADVENTURE TIME COMICS should push the world and characters of Ooo in new directions.

Homies Help Homies in ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19

The second story, illustrated by Alexandra Beguez (THE OFFERING), focuses on Banana Man and his friend Sybil. The pair is trying to get to a pool party on time. But Sybil’s tank keeps leaking, causing B-Man to panic.

Image courtesy of BOOM! Comics.

In this story, we see Banana Man thinking a great deal about how much he cares about Sybil. Even though he has to do a lot for her, he realizes that a good friend is worth it. For real-world readers, this stresses how important it is to be there for your friends. Although basic, this lesson is still hard to find. Usually, media focuses on romance over friendship. So many stories like to force romance into friendships, even when it’s unnatural. Thankfully, in this tale, Banana Man and Sybil’s relationship is purely platonic yet still very strong. 

Unlike the first story, the characterization seen in this tale differs from the TV show. Banana Man is always an inventor in the show, but in this tale, he is simply a friend. By not focusing on Banana Man’s inventiveness, writer Nick Cron-Devico (CLARENCE: QUEST) makes the character more relatable. Lots of readers can understand Banana Man’s struggle of being identified by a single trait, such as creativity or humor. And they can appreciate the importance of being viewed differently. Plus, this tale helps add to Sybil’s character as well, since she’s only in one episode of the show. Cron-Devico’s attempt to move the story away from the show was successful and makes for an insightful take on a few lesser known characters.      


People are People

The last story in ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 compares the lives of regular Finn and Ice Finn. The story stresses how people who are different can be very similar. Ice Finn is an alternate version of Finn who became the Ice King in the Farmworld reality. Although they are both technically Finn, Ice Finn’s personality is nothing like the kind Finn we all know and love. Side by side panels compare the lives of the two Finns, showing them doing similar activities. The lesson seems to be pushing the importance of ignoring differences in people and embracing similarities. 

However, this lesson is a bit more complicated than the last two. Although regular Finn and Ice Finn are very different, this piece dismisses those differences. In the real world, the differences between people are what makes them individuals. Is it right to encourage people to ignore the things that make them who they are? Shouldn’t people embrace the things that make them different? Perhaps some dialogue in this tale would have given some answers, but without it, the real-life connection is flawed.

Lesson aside, this tale does provide some amazing illustrations that surpass the rest of the comic. Bright, cheerful and colorful, the art in the final story doesn’t reflect the confusing theme that the plot creates. The characters in this tale may look nothing like their TV counterparts. The new designs offer what the first tale doesn’t: a unique perspective on the wonderful world of ADVENTURE TIME!


ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 is an entertaining mix of real issues with fantastical events that could only happen in Ooo. From the value of friendship to understanding differences, ADVENTURE TIME COMICS #19 offers us many valuable lessons.

This issue is available for purchase starting January 17, 2018. Find it here.

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