VOID TRIP #5 by Ryan O'Sullivan and Plaid Klaus
Ryan O'Sullivan creates an amazing adventure with VOID TRIP #5. We get an ending that makes us reflect, and characters we are sad to see go. And Plaid Klaus' art is perfectly out of this world!
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Some Good Froot

VOID TRIP by Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus has taken us on an adventure across the universe. Being chased by some unknown figure in white, Ana and Gabe have taken us to unseen corners of the universe, all in the efforts of finding Euphoria. The adventure ends here in VOID TRIP #5. So sit back, enjoy some froot, and see where O’Sullivan and Klaus have taken us!

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Where Are We, Again?

The story up to this point has been a crazy journey. Both characters are bickering as to whether or not to turn on the A.I. and just have directions set to Euphoria. Ana is against this, demanding they can find someone to help with directions. While searching for Euphoria, froot-connoisseurs Ana and Gabe meet Hitch, an elephant-like character with multiple arms. Although he seems friendly, Hitch has been paid by a mysterious figure in white to track down Ana and Gabe’s whereabouts. Upon arriving to their ship, Ana takes a little too much froot and passes out.

In this moment, Ana has a call to adventure. Her mentor, a personified froot, tells her she has to quickly find Euphoria. As all heroes do, Ana adamantly denies the adventure. She tries to push it away and ignore the quest at hand. However, when she wakes up, she realizes Gabe has turned on the ship’s A.I. and the crew is well on their way to Euphoria. But Euphoria is nothing like it seems.

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A war-torn planet that is riddled with fighting robots greets them. The robots take Ana and Gabe to their leader, who explains what happened to Euphoria. The robots imprison our heroes, forcing them to find a way to escape. That way is just, of course, by taking more froot. However, the white figure has finally caught up to them, finding Euphoria and murdering anyone who gets in his way. Yet, during their final escape, Ana and Gabe are struck with tragedy, leaving Ana and the A.I. to figure out what to do. However, thanks to another run-in with Hitch, Ana has a temporary plan.

Now that You’re Caught Up…

The figure in white has, once again, caught up to Ana’s ship. However, Ana is miraculously not there. The figure is met only with the A.I., who finally identifies who the figure in white is! (Did you think I was going to tell you? ‘Cause I’m not.) This realization brings a new perspective on the comic. It introduces an idea that only Ana could have thought up. But the figure isn’t going to just stop here; he wants Ana. Meanwhile, Ana has stolen a different ship, leaving the A.I.’s ship to be a decoy for the figure in white. From here, Ana has to figure out how to ditch the figure chasing her.

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This issue is a major turn from what VOID TRIP has been. O’Sullivan really pulls the rug out from under our feet with this one. Each issue starts in a place that is slightly disorientating to readers. I admit that I did find it frustrating to have so much shifting, and trying to play catch-up to what was happening. It is never really clear where you’ll end up, or with whom. However, this issue finally resolves these problems. We get an explanation as to why the story seemed almost choppy from issue to issue, and it is marvelous.

One of the greatest things about this comic is how it managed to shift. With the first issue, you feel as if this is going to be a fun, light-hearted comic about two stoners traveling the galaxy. But by the end of the series, you’re questioning your existence and place in the universe. We get a strong glimpse into Ana’s mind with VOID TRIP #5, and it’s sort of a scary, lonely place to be. Although the story gets serious at times, it never removes the humor. We still get Ana’s little quips that will make you chuckle, all while experiencing existential dread. But it’s one of the many reasons this comic is so awesome.

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Out of this World Colors

As always, Klaus’ artwork is absolutely stunning. Juggling between images of the universe, the effects of different froot, and completely new planets, Klaus struts his artistic prowess with vigor. And rightfully so! Every page is a treat to the readers’ eyeballs. Honestly, I love his art so much; I don’t even know where to start.

The universe Klaus gives us is absolutely beautiful. Every shot of the sky has a mix of colors that almost reach black, but are never quite there. It’s difficult to work on a galaxy shot without using black, so his skies fading from a blue to dark purple to a purple-red give the sky a realistic and psychedelic look. In addition, the planets he colors are so diverse in aesthetic and color that I started to wonder if he’d ever run out of original ideas. The answer is no, if you were wondering. Each planet and terrain is new and inviting. From cotton candy pinks to muddy yellows, his worlds are always vastly different.

The effects of froot are also awesome panels to see. Through his art, Klaus manages to portray how different froots can affect the mind. After an unfortunate pie incident, readers get a new look through our froot googles. In contrast to the first time Klaus did it (remember, with Hitch? Poor bastard), readers are presented with an almost God-like high. You can honestly feel the power and mysticism come off of the page. The yellows are so bright, it really feels like you’re looking into the sun. And I love it.

Courtesy of Image Comics

VOID TRIP #5 is a Ride You Don’t Want to Miss

This short run has been one of the most amazing trips I have taken. I started with giggles but ended up crying my eyes out, not only for the characters but over my place in the universe. The story ties up nicely, like a Christmas bow, and is given to us on a golden platter. My only drawback is I wish there was more. Call me greedy, but I am so sad to see our amazing trip into the void come to an end. The art absolutely reinforced the story in an amazing way. Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus have given us a journey we won’t soon forget. Of course, if you take enough froot, you may forget completely.

But I wouldn’t recommend it.

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