HAWKMAN #4 is an awesome comic. It's full of mystery and action, thanks to Venditti's exceptional writing. Also, the visuals are breathtaking. Every panel appears to just fly off the page. HAWKMAN #4 is absolutely a must read!
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In HAWKMAN #4, Hawkman is transported to Thanagar, the planet where the gravity-defying Nth metal was originally discovered. There, he meets the Hawkman from another world, Katar Hol of the Thanagarian police force. Written by Robert Venditti, Hawkman continues his journey to unravel the mystery behind his countless past lives.

This issue also features the stunning artwork of Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie. With the evil force from his visions is fast approaching, Hawkman may need the help of another notable DC hero. Read HAWKMAN #4 to find out.

From Dinosaur Island to Across the Galaxy

This issue opens with a glimpse of the Deathbringers from Carter Hall’s vision. And oh boy, is their big trouble coming. The silhouettes of these towering, hawk-like gods obliterate a faraway planet. Meanwhile, Hawkman is on Thanagar, being chased by the Thanagarian police force. The officer believes Carter Hall is Byth, a shape-shifting criminal. As they fly, we get an expansive view of the futuristic world.

The chase ends with a statue of Kalmoran, Thanagar’s dead hero. When they have both landed on the statue, Hawkman tries to convince Katar Hol that they are the same person, just different incarnations. By divulging personal information only Katar would know, he ends up believing Hawkman and helps him find the next piece of the puzzle — an alien artifact hidden in the Kalmoran statue.

HAWKMAN #4 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
HAWKMAN #4 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Then, the Thanagar incarnation of Shiera appears. Which reminds me, where is Hawkgirl? Unfortunately, Hawkman does not have a chance to interact with her. With an alien artifact in his grasp, Carter Hall returns to Earth. While in Indonesia, he patches himself up as he contemplates what this token is. A map? A weapon to defeat the Deathbringers? Carter Hall is determined to find out.

Suddenly, Hall’s blood activates the alien relic. Once again, Hawkman is magically transported to someplace else. This time, he is sent to the Microverse. So, who does he find there? None other than his longtime friend, the Atom.

New Friends, New Foes

For the most part, Hawkman’s adventure to find himself has been a solo journey. In HAWKMAN #4, we see some new faces, both good and bad. At the beginning of this issue, Robert Venditti offers some great foreshadowing of this impending doom. Opening this issue with the Deathbringers annihilating a planet shows just how powerful they truly are. With their hawk-like appearances, how will the Deathbringers connect to Hawkman?

Katar Hol, one of Hawkman’s incarnations, takes center stage in HAWKMAN #4. It’s incredible to see Carter Hall connect with another version of himself. On some deep level, they understand each other’s pain and confusion about their visions about the Deathbringers. It’s a comforting thought that Hawkman’s past lives are guiding him along this journey. Hall’s determination to uncover the truth behind his multiple lifetimes never wavers. And it’s that determination that drives his motivation, and the plot itself.

And now, the Atom is joining the story in HAWKMAN #4. In other comics, Hawkman and the Atom have had a strong friendship. For the next chapter, Hawkman will finally have an ally on his side. What role will Atom play in Hawkman’s journey? We’ll have to wait for the next issue to see.

Show-Stopping Artwork

HAWKMAN #4 Page 8. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
HAWKMAN #4 page 8. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The artwork by Bryan Hitch is, without a doubt, breathtaking. The stunning visuals create this electric, futuristic world, full of blinding neon colors. The details on the backgrounds are top notch, from the modern Thanagar to a small village in Indonesia, to the rosy-pink Microverse. Also, the opening scene with god-like beings annihilating an entire planet is such a powerful image and hints at the chaos coming in future issues.

When Hawkman and Katar Hol are flying and fighting one another, they appear nimble and agile. Throughout the chase scene, they look like they could just soar right off the page. As with other issues, we are treated to Carter Hall’s journal entries spread across HAWKMAN #4. Hall’s journal entries are an interesting plot device that helps the story progress. His personal notes allow the reader to connect to his thought process.

Final Thoughts on HAWKMAN #4

HAWKMAN #4 is a fantastic comic. Robert Venditti has written a thrilling story, filled to the brim with adventure and mystery. How he weaves in Hawkman’s different incarnations with Carter’s journey of self-discovery is simply remarkable. The visuals by Bryan Hitch and Andrew Currie are exceptional. The intricate details are vivid and absolutely stunning, they bring each new location to life.

And the character’s movements look so agile as they soar across Thanagar. If I had to find one negative point for HAWKMAN #4, it would be that the story is slowly becoming formulaic. It seems like Carter Hall is repeatedly getting transported to another world, where he has to fight someone, then earns himself the next piece of the puzzle. However, I’m still excited to see what’s next for Hawkman, and how the Atom will fit into the plot line.

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