Unsurprisingly, these long-awaited shoes didn’t last too long. Adidas recently opened up sales online for its new sneakers based on characters from the iconic DRAGON BALL Z. Anyone who hasn’t lived under a rock has certainly heard of the anime or at least seen it referenced. Despite being one of the prouder achievements of Japanese shonen anime, DRAGON BALL Z is tightly integrated into American culture. So much, in fact, that it’s able to to be the face of entire brands. This is one anime so popular and so recognizable that many cease to see it as an anime at all. And these shoes evoke the artistic design of some of the cooler characters from the anime. The first two shoes show off the most classic villain of DRAGON BALL Z, Frieza, and the series protagonist, Son Goku.

Adidas exclusive sneaker drops are notoriously difficult to time properly. For many shoes, getting a pair becomes a matter of almost pure luck. The instant orders open on the Adidas website, you need to be one of the first buyers with fast internet. In the case of limited release shoes like Yeezy’s, users have even come up with bots and exploits to boost their odds.

Add DRAGON BALL Z to the mix and you can imagine how hard getting these shoes became. The legendary anime follows Son Goku as he fights various aliens, monsters, and even gods. Known for its energy blasts, flashy transformation, and long charging sequences, DRAGON BALL Z is by any standard a classic.

The Planet Busting Kicks

Both shoes originally went on sale on September 29th, selling out before even an hour passed. You can see why; the shoes combine a style that is unique with one that is inconspicuous. A non-fan can easily see the Goku ZX 500 RM sneakers and assume they’re just a style. The white and purple on Frieza’s Yung-1 shoes don’t directly imply a galaxy-ruling space lizard.

Goku and Frieza's DRAGON BALL Z inspired Adidas sneakers.
Goku and Frieza’s sneaker designs. | Image: Adidas

And there’s more to these shoes than their individual merit. Fans lucky enough to grab every single release get a special reward. Like the wish-granting orbs in DRAGON BALL Z, having all seven shoe boxes reveals a secret. There’s a bonus collage similar to the image formed by stacked volumes of a manga series.

Slip into some DRAGON BALL Z Adidas Footwear!

So far, we know the rest of the characters getting sneakers. Goku, Frieza, Cell, Vegeta, Gohan, Majin Buu, and Shenron will have releases in pairs over the next few months.

If you’re as excited for these as I am, upgrade your wifi and get a clear signal ready. These shoes are incredibly limited and very in demand. So, you’ll need to be quite fast and incredibly lucky to get them all.

Featured image from BAIT.

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