Our favorite sneaky anti-hero, Catwoman, a.k.a., Selina Kyle, brings the fight to the Creel mansion in CATWOMAN #6. Joëlle Jones continues to prove Selina Kyle’s one intimidating, powerful, passionate, and sexy female character. With the combined effort of the artistic dream team of Jones and colorist Laura Allred, the reader’s graced with the beautifully intense drawing style of Jones complimented with the vibrant colors of Allred’s work. We see some great action, more death, and a possible hope in CATWOMAN #6.

Let’s Get Up To Speed

Selina’s made her move in CATWOMAN #6. After finding out in CATWOMAN #5, what Raina Creel’s been up to with Maggie, Selina’s sister. Selina’s had enough of Raina’s shit. We finally see Selina and Raina face-to-face at Creel mansion. Selina comes in and ends up fighting Raina’s son Adam, who ends up dying due to detective Sam Yilmaz (who works for Creel), shooting him. This leads to Selina and Raina going off the radar. However, towards the end, we see detective Yilmaz in jail, we meet Saito who seems to work for the Villa Hermosa Police Department and knows Selina’s true identity. We end with Selina trying to move Maggie in with her so she’s safe from Raina Creel.

CATWOMAN #6 page 1. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

An Action Packed CATWOMAN #6

Hooray! Finally, we see Selina and Raina meet face-to-face for the first time. Of course, this isn’t under the best circumstances. Once Selina arrives, Raina has her son Raymond fight her. The almost one-sided fight ends with Selina kicking Raymond’s ass. However, the action doesn’t end there. Raina pulls a gun, wanting to shoot Selina. However, her son Adam stops her but dies from a gunshot, as mentioned above.

The fact that detective Yilmaz shot Adam is weird for the story. What I mean is, since Yilmaz shoots Adam, the plot is sort of disrupted since Yilmaz works for the Creel family. It looks like Yilmaz shot Adam on purpose because the reader wasn’t given a square showing whether or not he struggles with his aim. This part of CATWOMAN #6, by Jones, was the most unclear. This also makes me wonder if Raina isn’t the main antagonist. I know we have the prison scene, but Saito seems to be playing two sides of the same coin.

He mentions “Mama Creel,” in reference to Raina, and yet he’s plotting with Yilmaz. Of course, Saito knows Selina is Catwoman, which leaves the reader in suspense for the next issue. With that said, if Yilmaz meant to shoot Adam, then what are his real motives? Is Raina the big, bad villain or is there more to Villa Hermosa? Also, where is Raina and what happened to Raymond? We’ll just have to see. One last little detail worth mentioning is that Maggie smiled for the first time! That was a touching moment. Also at this moment, we continue to see Selina’s passion for protecting and caring for her sister.

Illustrious Art in CATWOMAN #6

Whether you’ve been a fan of Catwoman for a long time, or you’re a first-time reader, you can’t be disappointed by the work of Joëlle Jones and Laura Allred. Jones’s drawing is on point as ever. Each scene where Selina tilts her head up, gapes open her lips and delivers that slick side eye is sexy and alluring, yet dangerous every time.

CATWOMAN #6 page 3. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

I think my favorite piece in CATWOMAN #6 is when Yilmaz holds a gun to Selina. Not only does Jones’s work stand out in that, but Allred’s coloring is something to behold. There’s so much shine in Selina’s suit that’s carefully done and the highlight on her light pink lips proves a high level of artistry by Allred. Plus, the vibrancy of that whole page is something the reader can sit and admire.

There were other pieces that stood out, that are either just as admirable or unique to the CATWOMAN series. When Raymond’s skins start tightening really hard is a dark moment that’s so haunting, that it could make the reader uncomfortable (in a good reactive kind of way). The part when Selina and Yilmaz are colored in all black with an off-white background is a unique addition to CATWOMAN in general. I don’t think we’ve seen a piece like that yet. This piece is a great way to diversify the artwork done so far in the CATWOMAN series. CATWOMAN #6 shows that Jones and Allred always have more techniques to impress the audience.

What Can We Look Forward to in CATWOMAN #7?

The copycat finally approaches in CATWOMAN #7. Will Selina be able to move Maggie in with her for safe keeping? What about Raina’s whereabouts? What are her plans now that two of her family members are dead? Will Raina continue to pursue killing Selina? All of this and hopefully more will be answered in the next issue.

CATWOMAN #6 by Joëlle Jones and Laura Allred
Joëlle Jones delivers a great action-packed story in CATWOMAN #6. Jones and the colorist Laura Allred continue to prove they're a dynamic duo in art. Overall, CATWOMAN #6 delivers an interesting and involved story that leaves the reader ready for CATWOMAN #7.
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