Written by Peter Tomasi, the battle has begun in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10. Featuring the exciting artwork of Carlo Barberi, the Super Sons go up against Rex Luthor and his army of supervillains. Who will come out on top? Will the Super Sons find some new allies in the end? Be sure to check out ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10 to find out.


This issue opens with two old men retelling the story of the battle between the Super Sons and Rex Luthor’s army to two young kids. The older men seem to be Jon Kent and Damien Wayne in the future. And the children, assumingly, are the grandkids. One of them even exhibits laser beams, reminiscent of Superman and Superboy.

ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10 Page 1. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Back to the real story, Rex Luthor has possession of the Hyper Cube, an object with the ability to be anywhere in time and space. The Super Sons confronted him and his supervillain army. An all-out war commences. Superboy and Rex Luthor had a brutal cage match. With fists and bullets, Robin and his robotic cowboy friend, Hex, try to take down Luthor’s goons and steal back the Hyper Cube. The last few pages are insane. First, Rex Luther shoots robot Hex in the head. As he crumples to the ground, severely damaged, some new faces come to help the Super Sons.

Help has arrived in the form of their future selves. That’s right, an adult version of Superboy and Robin appear. What? Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor.

Time Warp

Frankly, I have mixed feelings about the older versions of the Super Sons appearing in this comic. First, grandfathers telling stories to kids is a hackneyed idea and a bit distracting to the main plotline. In the final pages of ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10, the adult incarnations of the Super Sons arrive. For what reason, I’m not sure. Perhaps the boys will team up with their mature selves.


ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

However, I will say the opening scene does have a redeeming quality. Since this is an action-heavy issue, this moment of two grandpas telling the story to children offers a moment of humor and peacefulness. In the wake of all the intensity, it’s nice to have a moment of relief to balance everything out.

Action Packed Artwork

This issue is filled to the brim with action and explosions. With bullets and debris flying everywhere, you can really feel the intensity of the damage from this free-for-all. Some of the images in ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10 are quite striking. When Hex is shot, his robotic head breaks apart is borderline graphic. Superboy standing in an empty crater and searching for Robin after the explosion left me gut-punched.

Also, I liked those classic superhero fighting sound effects. All the ‘blams!’ and ‘whams!’ really bring this battle to life. It’s as if you can hear the fight happening with your own ears. Shout out to letterer Rob Leigh for some great work. Those onomatopoeia words add a nice touch to all the battle scenes.


Visually, this issue looks like the next superhero blockbuster. Lots of awesome fighting sequences and explosions with debris flying everywhere. Also, I love the use of sound in the imagery in this issue. It adds another layer of depth to the fight scenes. On the other hand, bringing the adult and elderly incarnations of the Super Sons is a strange choice. Having the old men in the opening scene feels like an overused idea and distracts from the main story. Although, they do add humor and lightness to an action-heavy issue.

The inclusion of these older versions is a bit distracting to the story at hand. With only two more issues left in this series, will their presence really help their younger selves? Will they make much difference in the overall storyline? While I’m left scratching my head, I’m still interested to see how this war between heroes and villains will end. All in all, ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS #10 is a fantastic issue. If you’re looking for action and excitement, this is the comic for you. 

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