Our A-FORCE #2 review has finally arrived and with it some revelations about our new mysterious character and Arcadia itself. That’s what we always wanted, right? More… plot?

An important superheroine hair session

We pick up right where we left off of the last issue with the Mariners looking for the source of the shark weirdness in the previous issue. At the same time Nico is trying to understand who our new super heroine is by asking questions. Loki finds them both together in her own house, so it really wasn’t the best place for Nico to hide her, and they decide to present their new friend to the baroness, a.k.a. She-Hulk. The group gets together to discuss what to do with her, and a battle ensues, which forces A-Force to assemble before we end on a very interesting plot twist.

No, no. Thank you.

Full disclosure, I don’t think this issue was quite as fun or exciting as the first issue, in part because of America’s absence. She had all of the good lines, and her removal was the main focus of the plot. She was the issue. In her absence we have been given a brand new superheroine, who I think is extremely cute and expressive, but it feels as though the issue is holding off on telling us more about her just to prolong the mystery, and I find that extremely frustrating. It is the same frustration that I had with Avengers: Age of Ultron when they were clearly brewing the conflict between Iron Man and Captain America, but were never allowed to go into it too much because that is the plot of Captain America: Civil War. I am all for a mystery, but it is frustrating to stunt the development of the characters and story because it is not time for the reveal yet.

America's fate. You're talking about the character, right?

This criticism leads into the main problem I had with this issue. The plot is too connected to the overarching SECRET WARS comic, and it doesn’t use that plot to tell a fun story for these characters. For example, in the first issue of CAPTAIN MARVEL AND THE CAROL CORPS the mystery of Doom is used to say something about who all of these characters are. Some of them are skeptical. Some of them follow orders. The story managed to use Doom as a way to talk about our characters. The first issue of A-FORCE did this too, but this one didn’t quite cut it. It feels very “surface”. Like it is just delivering plot information related to SECRET WARS because it has to. The saving grace of this comic is the gorgeous art by Jorge Molina. This art speaks to my soul in a very direct way, especially the hair. It flows beautifully, especially in the case of Medusa, Dazzler, and our brand new heroine. Our mysterious new superhero’s cosmic look is truly gorgeous in every panel. Major props to the colorist, Laura Martin.

I think Dazzler speaks for us all in this scene.

Overall, the second issue of A-FORCE isn’t quite as good as the first. It gets bogged down with SECRET WARS plot continuity, but the art is beautiful and the cuteness of our new superhero needs to be seen. Let’s hope that all of this plot is just laying the groundwork for a better story in the third issue with more answers about our mysterious new heroine.

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