With the recent announcement of Marvel’s relaunch this May, Fresh Start, the Marvel May 2018 solicitations come packed with exciting new books. This May will see not only brand new #1 issues, but also the conclusion of some long-running and hit series. In addition, we can expect to see some acclaimed creators tackling fan-favorite characters, as well as some series released earlier this year still going strong. Here are eight upcoming releases from the Marvel May 2018 solicitations that grabbed our attention.

Marvel Promises “A Fresh Start” with a New Relaunch, Announces AVENGERS #1

AVENGERS #1 & #2

marvel may 2018 solicitations
AVENGERS #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

After years of covering different areas of the Marvel Universe, the Big Three reunite to lead the Avengers against one of their greatest threats yet: the Celestials. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ed McGuinness bring us a classic yet unique Avengers lineup with AVENGERS #1. Coming out this May, AVENGERS will feature other Avengers now popular through Marvel Studios: Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Captain Marvel. She-Hulk and Ghost Rider also make the cut, making for one of the most powerful lineups yet. But can they work cohesively together, or will turmoil present an even bigger challenge than the Celestials? And where does the Prince of Lies come in? Find out in AVENGERS #1 and #2!


Marvel May 2018 solicitations
YOU ARE DEADPOOL #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Deadpool must have been a big fan of those Choose Your Own Adventure books because he’s back in a five-issue miniseries that seems inspired by those novels. Writer Al Ewing lets you, the reader, fill Deadpool’s bloody shoes in YOU ARE DEADPOOL. Do you think you’d be a better Deadpool than ol’ Wade Wilson? Can you make it all the way through without dying in one of a number of grisly ways? Let’s just say that you’re lucky to have a healing factor. Artists Salva Espin and Paco Diaz bring your adventure to life this May.


Marvel May 2018 Solicitations
X-MEN RED ANNUAL #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Coming back from the dead after over a decade isn’t exactly easy — even if you’re Jean Grey. X-MEN RED ANNUAL #1 rewinds the clock to go over what exactly happened between the end of PHOENIX RESURRECTION and the beginning of X-MEN RED. Both the X-Men and the world have changed a lot since Jean’s death, and now that she’s back, she’s having to go through a not-so-little adjustment period. Meeting her younger teenage self, learning about the deaths of some of her close friends, and regaining a hold on the modern world are just a few of the obstacles Jean will have to face in this pivotal issue. Writer Tom Taylor and artist Pascal Alixe will hopefully be answering some of the many questions that JEAN GREY and PHOENIX RESURRECTION ended with.


Marvel May 2018 Solicitations
QUICKSILVER NO SURRENDER #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Rising star Saladin Ahmed, hot off the success of BLACK BOLT, is back with another tale of a hero separated from his friends and loved ones. This time, it’s the speedster Quicksilver. Spinning out of the pages of AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER, Quicksilver finds himself trapped outside of reality and fights to get back to Earth. Will he make it? Find out in this first issue of this miniseries, with art by Eric Nguyen, this May.


marvel may 2018 solicitations
BLACK PANTHER #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Ever feel like you’ve seen all there is to see in Wakanda? Think Black Panther has done all he can to protect his country over the years? Well, you’re in luck because in May T’Challa will discover there is more to Wakanda than he could’ve ever imagined! Jumping off the tease in MARVEL LEGACY #1, we’ll get to find out what exactly the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda truly is, where it came from, and what T’Challa plans to do about it. This explosive story from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates will feature art from fan-favorite Daniel Acuña. It’s going to be a story unlike any other from a dynamic creative team!

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Daniel Acuña Craft Magnificent Relaunch with Cosmic ‘Fresh Start’ BLACK PANTHER #1


Marvel May 2018 solicitations
X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The thing that we always knew was going to happen is finally happening! Kitty Pryde and Colossus are getting married in X-MEN WEDDING SPECIAL #1 and the celebration is sure to be epic. With a relationship as historic as theirs, how could it not be? Marc Guggenheim, Kelly Thompson, and (drum roll please) Chris Claremont are writing three stories for this issue. Two will focus on the bachelor and bachelorette parties and the third, written by the legendary Claremont, will focus on Kitty and Colossus specifically. Greg Land and Marika Cresta are illustrating, but more interior artists will be announced in the coming months. J. Scott Campbell is the cover artist, with X-Men veteran Terry Dodson doing a variant cover. Marvel is definitely setting up a dynamic team to tackle one of the most famous couples in comics!


Marvel May 2018 Solicitations
ROGUE AND GAMBIT #1 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Kitty and Colossus aren’t the only couple getting the spotlight this May. Rogue and Gambit’s limited series by Kelly Thompson and Pere Perez will be reaching its high stakes conclusion with issue #5. This issue will wrap up Rogue and Gambit’s investigation of the suspicious couples’ therapy island, Paraiso. How will things turn out for one of Marvel’s most famous couples? At only two issues in so far, Thompson and Perez’s series already nails Rogue and Gambit’s dynamic and will surely build to a satisfying conclusion. I could use way more than five issues of Thompson’s take on these characters, but thankfully the writer’s recent exclusive contract with Marvel means we’ll definitely be seeing more of her.


marvel may 2018 solicitations
SPIDER-MAN #240 / Marvel May 2018 Solicitations / Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

This is it, folks. The culmination of Brian Michael Bendis’ 18-year ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN epic ends with SPIDER-MAN #240. Artist Oscar Bazaldua joins Bendis in his farewell to Miles Morales. Not much is known about the contents of this issue, but what we do know is that this will be a bittersweet goodbye to Bendis as he bids farewell to Marvel Comics and one of his biggest creations. Celebrate this momentous occasion this May.

Brian Michael Bendis Moves to DC Comics: How Marvel Can Fill the Void for His 3 Main Creations

Marvel May 2018 Solicitations

With a relaunch approaching this May, the Marvel May 2018 Solicitations are an interesting preview of what’s to come. It’s great to see writers like Saladin Ahmed and Kelly Thompson getting their due, as well as the creative teams behind high profile #1’s like AVENGERS and BLACK PANTHER to kick off Fresh Start. There seem to be some big shifts looming, but no matter what changes come, there are good things in the mix.

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