THORS #3 By Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse

Thors 3 cover from Marvel Comics

So, it’s no secret that Secret Wars was not necessarily the best thing that Marvel Comics put out this year. There were many promising short series. However, most of them never quite paid off. THORS was not one of those comics. THORS #3 definitely proved itself the highlight of this short four issue run.

Existing as a seedy and noir version of a traditional Thor comic book, THORS tells the story of a large swath of unsolved murders of young women. We follow the Ultimate Thor and his friend and partner, Beta Ray Thor, as they hunt down the killer. However, like any good noir cop drama, there is more than meets the eye here.

What Makes This Marvel Comics Issue Great?

This book has a lot of fun. It might be odd for a noir book but not unheard of. Everything that would normally exist in a Thor book is here. However, it is noir-ified. From a forensics scientist that is a frog to the seedy Valhalla Mead Hall in Manhattan, everything is so artfully updated that you can’t help but wait for each new noir element to be revealed. What is a noir cop drama without a good twist, I hear you ask? It’s basically nothing, and while the twist is not overly shocking, it is definitely a meaningful surprise.

There is also some really excellent art on display here by Chris Sprouse. It is not easy to think of a unique Thor costume for each Thor. However, Chris found a way to make each characters introduction fun. They introcuded so beautifully that I couldn’t wait for a new Thor to get added to the lineup. With a ton of great Thors introduced each issue, and some surprisingly meaningful meditations on what it means to even be a Thor, this comic and short run is definitely worth a pick up for anyone who wants to enter the world of Thor and noir for a short while.

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